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What are we all playing this weekend?


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No chit-chat. This is serious. If you survived Friday the 13th, you'd be wise not to push your luck. I mean this: Tell us your weekend gaming plans and I won't egg your windows. You heard me. Hop to.

Alice Bee
is poorly!

I installed Civilization 6 this week. I played one game after work, powering through to an accidental diplomatic just after midnight, then remembered yes this is exactly why I can't have Civ installed. That makes me mighty curious about the upcoming Stellaris spin-off aiming for a one-hour playtime. Maybe that'll be a 4X I'm safe to be around. Until then, ah, maybe I should just sit on my hands and stay out of trouble.

I'm very predictable. My pals and I are moving through Act 2 in Baldur's Gate 3, having just murdered an entire camp of Githyanki (we upset their queen). And yes, I'll be continuing my replay of Cyberpunk 2077 which continues to be more than a good time. If I'm feeling like I need to sit back and chill, I've found myself returning to Persona 5 Royal. The OST is so transportative.

This weekend I am going to actually try making game! Or something like a game. I have a long-term research project which you could summarise as "what if compasses wrote poetry when you use them to navigate". I have lots of terrible prototypes held together by pins. I need to test one out. If I don’t show up on Monday, it's because my ramshackle creation has led me into a gorge somewhere. If I make it home safely, I might play a bit of Hunt: Showdown or Cobalt Core on Sunday.

is at EGX!

I'm roaming the halls of EGX this weekend, so: a heck of a lot of indie games, most likely! Might try and squeeze in a go on Super Mario Wonder, which is Nintendo's big game at the show this year, but also, those 50+ Rezzed games ain't going to play themselves either.

After beating Lies Of P, I've had an itch to return to an older soulslike recently. After bouncing between a few for a while I've settled on Sekiro, after rediscovering just how splendid the schwing-schwing parry combat is. I just recently plucked up the courage to beat the Headless, who for some reason strikes more fear into my heart than just about any boss in any game ever.

But you, reader dear, what are you playing this weekend?

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