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This 27-in 1440p 165Hz monitor is in the price/performance sweet spot for $280

Down from an initial price of $400.

lg 27gp83a gaming monitor on a white background
Image credit: LG

LG makes some of the best monitors going, in my opinion, with their Fast IPS panels being the basis of many great gaming monitors from other manufacturers too.

Today we're looking at one of their first-party options, the 27GP83A, which combines a winning spec sheet with a reduced price: $279.99 for a 27-inch 1440p 165Hz gaming monitor.

As you might have guessed from the name, this is the 165Hz follow-up to the 144Hz LG 27GL83A, which was itself a slightly budget alternative to the legendary 27GL850. A lot of letters and numbers there, but these were the first Fast IPS monitors to hit the market and monitors that I have recommended to people for years.

The 27GP83A is another to use a modern Fast IPS screen, which combines extremely fast pixel response times with wide viewing angles and accurate colour reproduction. That makes it an excellent all-rounder, suiting a wide range of game genres and content creation/consumption too! It also supports both FreeSync and G-Sync Compatible, so you've got VRR on graphics cards from all manufacturers.

In general, it's hard to find a substantially better screen than this at the sub-$300 price point, and while it is possible to get cheap 1440p 144Hz monitors for less than $200 on sale, these tend to use older IPS or VA panels that don't offer the clarity in motion that the 27GP83A delivers. For my money, this is worth the extra investment for anyone that plays faster-paced games.

This is a lovely screen and nice to see at such a price, so do consider it if you're in the market for one!

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