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Cyberpunk 2077's 2.02 patch rebalances the near-impossible vehicle contracts

Among many other fixes

A lady's neighbour in Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty. Probably trustworthy.
Image credit: RPS/CD Projekt Red

Even after several years of updates and an excellent expansion, Cyberpunk 2077 still isn't bug-free. I said as much in my Phantom Liberty review. The difference now versus launch back in 2020 is that the bugs are now within acceptable limits.

CDPR continue to fix them, too. Patch 2.02 is out now.

The full patch notes are pretty extensive. The Phantom Liberty-specific fixes include several for rare, progress-blocking glitches, but the best of the bunch is up top: "Rebalanced the time limits for Vehicle Contracts." Dogtown features several vehicles you can steal and drive to drop-off points around Night City, but even driving perfectly I struggled to do them within the time limit and had to live with reduced payment and a snide comment from the infinitely punchable Muamar.

Other fixes include those relevant to players who skip straight to the Phantom Liberty expansion from character creation. Missions that are "simulated" in the process will now appear in your journal as completed, and various items normally unlocked by these missions can now be retrieved. You'll also find the bodies of characters killed by these missions now in their appropriate places - although you can click through to the patch notes if you want the light Act 1 spoilers about who.

There are also dozens of further fixes for the base game. My favourite of these probably isn't so signficant: "Giving money to a homeless person will no longer lower your NCPD Wanted Level."

Cyberpunk 2077 is now a strong first-person RPG post Update 2.0, and even with the bugs I was a big fan of its storytelling. Phantom Liberty only amplifies those strengths. I like it enough that I bullied Alice B into letting me write about both the expansion's often optional combat scenarios and its devastating new ending. FYI: that last article was a trap and I'm judging everyone in the comments who admitted they sided with Reed.

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