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This compact mechanical keyboard is 50% off at Amazon US, just $35 for 84 keys

Hot-swappable, tri-mode connectivity and RGB.

The LTC Neon75 mechanical keyboard, held by a hand on a gradient background
Image credit: LTC

I always love spotting deals on budget mechanical keyboards, as they bring what is - in my mind at least - the single biggest keyboard upgrade available to prices that you can't say no to. The LTC Neon75 is far from a big-brand choice, but the keyboard ticks all the boxes for me when it comes to features and design. There are beautiful 'pudding' keycaps, a compact and convenient 75% layout, tri-mode wired/wireless connectivity and hot-swappable key switches. Its US MSRP is a reasonable-sounding $70, but now it's available for a 50% off 'overstock' price on Amazon - that's just $35.

Let's break down why each of these features is worth having. First, the layout - 75% is an awesome layout as you get all of the keys that are truly necessary for a lot of work and gaming. You get the arrow keys, the function row, even five-sixths of the navigation cluster. Of course, you get those keys on larger layouts too, and in a more familiar form - but having a smaller keyboard makes a lot of sense. It allows your mouse hand to be more in line with your shoulder, rather than stretched wide to accommodate a full-size board; it makes the keyboard lighter and more portable; and it lowers the cost of the keyboard too, as you have a smaller chassis to make and fewer expensive key switches to include. So smaller form factors can be really nice, especially as a second keyboard or as an introduction to mechanical keyboards, in my view.

Beyond this, you get a lot of flexibility. Hot-swappable switch sockets mean that you can install whatever switches you want to completely customise the feel of the keyboard, while a relatively standard layout also makes keycap changes possible. The default keycaps have solid tops and frosted, semi-transparent sides, allowing light to penetrate though and providing a cool glowing effect. This is enhanced by the keyboard's case, which is also semi-transparent with further customisable RGB lighting.

a side view of the neon75 keyboard, showing its semi-transparent sides and RGB lighting
Damn, this keyboard looks good for RGB fans - and for everyone else, pick a single colour you like or turn the lighting off. | Image credit: LTC

Software is available to reprogram keys, while basic functions like switching between Windows and Mac layouts, adjusting the backlighting, connecting to different devices and controlling your music can be accomplished using the Fn layer. There's a USB wireless dongle for low-latency wireless, plus Bluetooth for wider device compatibility and a USB-C port for charging and wired connectivity.

Overall, it's a very potent keyboard for the money, especially at this 50% off price point. If I was in the US right now, I'd be ordering a few of these in my dedicated role of mechanical keyboard evangelist!

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