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LG's incredible 48-inch C2 OLED TV is down to £824 with a double discount at Ebay UK

Two voucher codes knock £175 off the price of this brand-new large format monitor.

LG's C2 OLED is my top TV recommendation for PC and console gaming, and the 42-inch and 48-inch versions can even work as PC monitors. Today the 48-inch model has dropped to £824 at Ebay when you use codes BONUS10 and SAVE100OLED, a great price for what is a class-leading 48-inch OLED. For context, this year's basically identical 48-inch C3 OLED costs £1100, so you're saving nearly £300.

The LG C2 OLED offers a 4K resolution and 120Hz refresh rate, with incredible HDR thanks to OLED's natural ability to illuminate pixels individually, allowing black pixels to be turned off entirely for infinite contrast. OLEDs also offer wide viewing angles and gorgeous colour reproduction, making them great monitors for consuming or creating content.

OLEDs are also well-known for their extremely quick pixel response times, which are an order of magnitude faster than even the best TN, IPS or VA panel monitors - meaning motion clarity is incredibly good. This makes them awesome for fast-paced multiplayer gaming, and the C2 in particular comes with VRR support for PC and consoles, including FreeSync and G-Sync on Nvidia, AMD and Intel graphics cards.

OLEDs aren't the best choice for all kinds of PC use, as they can be susceptible to permanent image retention (burn-in) if static content is kept on screen for long periods of time, and their subpixel arrangement isn't well handled by Windows' ClearType font rendering so some fringing can be evident. However, these are relatively minor concerns for someone that uses their PC primarily for gaming, and with all of the C2's normal countermeasures engaged, you shouldn't encounter burn-in in normal use.

Overall, this is an awesome display that pulls double duty as a TV and a monitor, ticks all the boxes when it comes to gaming features, and just looks incredible. At £824, it's well worth at least a try, and I pretty much guarantee that you'll fall in love with it after having tried it.

What do you think? Do you use an OLED as a PC monitor like many of my colleagues at Digital Foundry? Let me know in the comments below!

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