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Final Fantasy 14 is getting FFXI raids for the MMO’s 20th anniversary and a FFXVI quest crossover - complete with a Torgal mount

That's one way to play FF16 on PC, at least

Final Fantasy 14 players pose with the Torgal mount and minion from its crossover with Final Fantasy 16
Image credit: Square Enix

Final Fantasy XIV is once again dipping into the rest of the storied series in a new series of raids and quests for the MMO.

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Producer Naoki ‘Yoshi-P’ Yoshida revealed on-stage during the opening keynote at this weekend’s London Final Fantasy Fan Festival that FF14 would receive a run of alliance raids to celebrate last year’s 20th anniversary of Final Fantasy XI, the first MMO instalment in the long-running franchise.

The Echoes of Vana’diel alliance raid series was described as being “in alliance with Final Fantasy XI”, which Yoshida endearingly called XIV’s “MMO senpai”.

While the new series of quests is promised to cater to both original FFXI fans and XIV players unfamiliar with the older game, Yoshida shied away from revealing any story beats, characters or bosses true to make an appearance in as-yet undated release.

Ahead of the FFXI crossover, Final Fantasy XIV will first collide with the series’ most recent entry, this year’s Final Fantasy XVI.

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A “special quest” releasing as part of A Realm Reborn’s 6.5X patch seriesr - preceding next year’s Dawntrail expansion - will see players able to join forces with FF16’s gruff-voiced hero Clive to fight the game’s version of eikon Ifrit. A trailer for the battle showed Clive - who will fight alongside the part of Warriors of Light - using his Phoenix eikon’s Rising Flames ability on Ifrit.

As you'd expect, The Path Infernal quest will offer unique loot, including gear. A mount of Clive’s loyal wolfdog Torgal was shown off, along with a very cute puppy Torgal as a minion.

Yoshida said that the Final Fantasy XVI quest wouldn’t spoil “much” of Final Fantasy XVI’s story - good news for those waiting for the game’s release on PC, which is being developed alongside the upcoming FF14 quest and future DLC for FF16.

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