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Don't worry, the PC port of Final Fantasy 16 is definitely still in the works

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Image credit: Square Enix

"Will it or won't it?" has been the big question. That is, will Final Fantasy 16 actually be released on PC or won't it. It's been emotional whiplash for some PC fans. A PC version was specified in the game's announcement trailer, and then FF16 producer Yoshi-P walked it back and said that didn't happen, and then Yoshi-P addressed his previous words and said he'd like to bring the game to PC eventually. Just don't expect it within six months. Or before 2024, actually.

Yoshi-P has addressed the PC port plight once again, last week during a special pre-launch livestream with other directors of the game. According to PC Gamer (thanks, fellow comrades) Yoshi-P stated the PC version is in development, but needs work on optimisation.

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PC Gamer reported that Yoshi-P cited the "lack of loading screens when travelling between locations and transitioning from cutscenes to gameplay" as a particular problem, and that Squenix have been too busy with the PS5 version of the game to work on the PC version.

"We will be sharing more about the PC version when the time is right, please look forward to it," said Yoshi-P, according to PC Gamer.

The clock is ticking for FF fans on PC, as we now have some idea of where development for 16 is. We're also awaiting more news on Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, which is launching on PS5 (on two discs!) in early 2024. Imagine how many floppy discs you'd need to store Rebirth for PC...

All that's left to do is have patience, and hope we hear more about FF16's and FF7 Rebirth's PC ports soon.

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