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Latest Counter-Strike 2 patch fixes "ring of fire" bugs as players demand weapon bobbing console commands

Also in the patch: faster mud, fewer shader hitches

Two players shoot at one another down a tunnel in Counter-Strike 2.
Image credit: Valve

Valve have released a small Counter-Strike 2 update that, amongst other things, stops mud slowing you down and stops incendiary grenades forming fiery rings in mid-air, like excitable kids with sparklers. There are also fixes for a shader compilation bug that may, nonetheless, still exist for AMD GPUs when playing this latest iteration of the developer's free-to-play team and objective-based shooter. Many of the larger issues returning players have, such as the absence of Mac support, are yet to be addressed.

Glance at the Steam threads and social posts and you may detect impassioned but confusing requests for some guy named Bob to be added to the game. That's Bob as in cl_bob, an old console command that lets you adjust the bobbing of your weapon while moving - rather important, obviously, if you want to fine-tune your aim. Counter-Strike 2 does have some console commands - you can implement low gravity, fly around the map, and extend the match time, amongst other things - but for some reason, there's no control over bobbing right now.

Struggling to make headway in the game for lack of input upon the wiggling of your gun? It may behove you to read Ollie's guide to the best Counter-Strike 2 settings, from tweaking mouse control to how you configure your radar. You might also be interested in our guide to Counter-Strike 2 crosshair codes.

While still Steam's most popular game at the time of writing, Counter-Strike 2 is having a relatively rough landing. The game's Steam user review consensus has dropped to Mostly Positive amid on-going upset about missing features versus Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, which is now offline. There's also been some sturm und drang about impossible shots that some players are linking to the game's new "sub-tick rate" server architecture. See the gif below, and the latest patch notes at the bottom of the page.


Removed movement penalty on mud surfaces


Fixed a bug with shader compilation when connecting to a server that was causing hitches after connecting. Note that these hitches may still exist on AMD GPUs; we are working with AMD to address this


Fixed a bug where knife slashing couldn't be interrupted with an inspect

[ MISC ]

Various bug fixes and tweaks to weapon finishes and gloves

Fixed a case where molotov/incendiary grenades would create a fire ring in the air

Improved performance of molotov/incendiary fire extinguishing

Various improvements to weapon dropping and throwing Various crash fixes

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