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September 2011 Archive

    1. Portal 2's Free DLC Arrives October 4th
    2. RPS Asks: What To Play This Weekend?
    3. Serious Sam 3 In Not So Serious Delay
    4. The Flare Path: Routine Supply Drop
    5. In Stone: King Arthur: Fallen Champions
    6. Demonstrably Unhelpful: Sims 3 Demo
    7. Now Spawning: Team Fortress Arcade
    8. Mind Full Of Mac: Psychonauts OSX Release
    9. Highrising Fear: Tower22
    10. Bloomin' Elves: Dawn Of Fantasy
    11. Fallen Earth: Fate Of The World Tipping Point
    12. Match 3 Elves: Might & Magic Clash Of Heroes
    13. Mechin' Good: Mechwarrior Details Approach
    14. Kcalypso'd: Dungeons: The Dark Lord Demo
    1. Hands On With L.A. Noire On PC
    2. Oh Yes, Battlefield 3 Open Beta Live, Too
    3. Conquering: 23 Minutes Of BF3's 64-Player
    4. Witcherer: The Witcher 2 2.0 Is Go!
    5. Ubi Delay Assassin's Creed: Revelations PC
    6. ExTemplary: Broken Sword Free At GOG
    7. Squad Chat: Pineapple Smash Crew Interview
    8. Rage: Two Barrels Is A Commercial Incentive
    9. For This, Never: Deus Ex HR DLC Packs
    10. The Syndicate Announcement Trailer
    11. Help Everyone Build A Gaming PC
    12. Wot I Think: The Binding Of Isaac
    13. RPS Asks: Graphical Cardware?
    14. Close To HOMM: Might & Magic Heroes VI
    15. The Cursed Crusade Delayed, But Trailered
    1. Signal Ops Trailer Is Charming, Exciting
    2. Frozen Synapse Unfreezes Its Price
    3. I Spy LA Noire PC's Release Date'n'Specs
    4. Pray Tell: A Prey 2 Interview
    5. When Is Syndicate Coming Out? I'll Tell You
    6. Point And Query: Keys Of A Gamespace
    7. Wot I Think - Driver: San Francisco
    8. Football Manager Fans Give DRM Red Card
    9. Stabby: Vindictus EU Open Beta Later Today
    10. Larkin About: Take On Helicopters Test Flown
    11. Of Bile And Building: Salem
    12. Deus Ex: The Other Prequel
    13. Giant Minded: Glitch Goes Live
    14. Will We Populate The Repopulation?
    1. City Of Heroes Unveils "Freedom"
    2. Who Do Voodoo? Dead Island Movie Looms
    3. Knee-jerk Thoughts: Battlefield 3 Beta
    4. TV Confuses Arma With Real Life
    5. And: Eurogamer Expo Returning In 2012
    6. Skyrim's Cast: Wonder Woman, Tigh, Ivanova
    7. Orc, Thanks! Says Rise Of Isengard
    8. Square "Fully Redoing" Final Fantasy XIV
    9. Car Wot Goes Quicktime: NFS The Run
    10. Looping The Loop: A Chat(mania) With Nadeo
    11. Why Not Just Call It Afterfall?
    12. Guild Wars 2 Takes To The Podium
    13. Impossible Creature: Incredipede
    14. Be King: League of Legends Dominion
    15. Which Witcher Is The Witcher 2, 2.0?
    1. A Valley Without Wind Demo And Beta Launch
    2. Rogue Physicist: Freeman In Renegade Ops
    3. OnLive Is Okay
    4. Going Balloonistic: Rage
    5. Noisy Assassin - Hitman: Absolution
    6. Perky: Skyrim's Ability And Skill Info-Splurge
    7. Red Sliding Hood: A Day In The Woods
    8. Alvy Singer Presents The Darkness II
    9. Spacecraft: Blockade Runner
    10. Bethesda Barred From Barring Fallout MMO
    11. Laugh Riot: Arkham City’s Joker
    12. Found Footage: DXHR The Missing Link
    1. Hooray For The Indie Games Arcade Winner!
    2. The Sunday Papers
    3. TOR Release Date(s) And Subscriptions
    4. Kingdoms Of Amalur: The "Hero's Guide"
    5. Cardboard Children: Downtime Town?
    1. Valve To Speed Up Release Of DOTA 2
    2. Diablo 3 Quasi-Delayed To 'Early 2012'
    3. Red Redemption: C&C RA1 in RA3
    4. The Flare Path: All Aboard The Boat Train
    5. Ben There, Dan That Gets More "Special"
    6. Mods And Ends: Prophesy Of Pendor
    7. DXHR Interview: Boss Fights, Endings, DLC
    8. XCOM Developer Diary Explains XCOM
    9. The Sims Pets "Create A Pet" Creates Pets
    10. Wot I Think: Nuclear Dawn
    1. Nvidia Say PC Super Awesome, Best By 2014
    2. Joe Blocks: Minecraft 1.9 Appears
    3. Make Film, Not War: Warco
    4. Impressions: Path Of Exile Beta
    5. Talk Them Down: Tower! 2011
    6. Which MMO Does Dungeons/Instances Best?
    7. How Diablo III's DRM Will Affect You
    8. A Clot Of Colons: Game of Thrones: Genesis
    9. Unlevel Crossing: The Bridge
    10. OnLive's UK Pricing And... It's Here. Maybe.
    11. Hivemind Restored: Welcome Adam Smith
    12. Global Agenda Establishes Recursive Colony
    13. Counter-Strike GO: Gun Game Mode, Screens
    14. A Stab At It: Assassin's Creed: Revelations
    1. Impressions: Trackmania 2
    2. The Race For Space: Lifeless Planet
    3. Splice Of Life: Cryptozookeeper
    4. Asura Thing? A Guild Wars 2 Preview
    5. Paradox's Cartel: The True Syndicate Sequel?
    6. RPS Asks: Which Games Meddle With Life?
    7. Sengoku: Diary Of A Nobutoki #2
    8. Fantasy And Reality: Can Gamers Tell?
    9. Unreal Not One Of Epic's New Games
    10. Playing For Keeps: Dungeon Defenders
    11. Bad Company 2 Throws Off DRM Shackles
    12. Wot I Think: Red Orchestra 2
    13. Cyanide's A Game Of Thrones RPG Hints
    14. Diablo III: Incredibly Early Impressions
    1. Diableta: We Are Totally Playing It!
    2. Squad Up: MoW:AS Getting Update, Sequel (!)
    3. Hands On: The Book Of Unwritten Tales
    4. Serious Sam 3 And Knuckles
    5. Releasario: Lego Harry Potter 2 Out In Nov
    6. PC's Batman Arkham City Slips To November
    7. Isle of Alright: Masters of the Broken World
    8. Betalfield 3: DICE Finally Give Us A Date
    9. Homefront 2 To Be Developed By Crytek
    10. Cities XL 2012 Is Surprisingly Pretty
    11. Hands On: A Valley Without Wind
    12. One Red Light: F1 2011 Launch Trailer
    13. Castles Made Of Sand: Stronghold 3
    14. Now You're Thinking With Screenshots
    15. Gunpoint Points Out Its New Look
    16. RPS Asks: What Have You Been Playing?
    1. Wot I Think: Demolition Inc.
    2. Impressions: Ruins
    3. DC Universe Online Going Free To Play
    4. Deus Ex: HR's Boss Fights Were Outsourced
    5. Smashed To The Past: Super Smash Land
    6. Gymkhanta: It's Pony Vs. Pony
    7. Yo Ho Oh Shut Up: Pirate Offers Appear
    8. Kindred Spirits: World Of Darkness
    9. PC Gamers Save The World, A Bit
    10. Friday, London: The RPS Meet-o-Chat 2011
    11. Byte vs Brick: Week Ending Sep 17
    12. UK Writers' Guild Noms: Go Go Gillen & Stern
    13. Sky's No Limit: BioShock Infinite At TGS
    14. There's No Fe: Iron Cross Open Beta
    1. The Sunday Papers
    1. Cardboard Children: Dreadfleet
    2. Wot We Wrote
    1. Mods And Ends: Radiator And THAT
    2. The Flare Path: This One's For Dobbs
    3. Steamy Windows: Deus Ex 3 Patched/Defaced
    4. Wot I Think: Magic Duels of the Planeswalkers
    5. Orcs Must Die's Magic Interactive Video
    6. I Choo-Choo-Chews You: Burrito Bison
    7. Deadshot: Arkham's Cannon-Wristed Nutter
    8. Welcome To The Arthouse: IndieCade 2011
    9. The Many Lights of Metro: Last Light
    10. Glad Tidings: Portal Free Until Sep 20th
    11. Day In The Strife: Dragon Age 2 DLC
    12. Prosperity & Cool Sci-Fi Tech: Anno 2070
    1. PopCap Are Getting Weirder: New PvZ Song
    2. Like A Record: Rotion Alpha Impressions
    3. Inside The Tech Inside: The Swindle
    4. InMomentum InTransition To Unreal 3 Engine
    5. Guild Wars 2 Wants To Show You The Asura
    6. Host In Space: Gratuitous Space Battles DLC
    7. Toys Vs Nightmares: It's A Bit Like PvZ
    8. Might Be TIE Fightin: Lucasarts Hiring
    9. Intelligent Design: Primal Carnage Footage
    10. Diary Of A Nobutoki: Sengoku
    11. Unveiled: Blackwell Deception
    12. Cars Take Off: Trackmania 2 Canyon Out
    13. Renegade Ops: It's Out Soonish
    14. New New Vegas DLC Gets Trailer'd
    1. True Grit: Back To Bastion
    2. Practiced Bravado: Max Payne 3, Trailer 1
    3. Wizard: LOTRO Rise Of Isengard Shots & Info
    4. RPS Demands: We Want Keen DLC For Rage
    5. Pixel Posse Protectors: Team Fortress Arcade
    6. Tripwire: If You Cheat, We'll Tell Your Mom
    7. Pacmaniac: Forget-Me-Not
    8. RPS Asks: Steam Achievements?
    9. Windows 8: Is It Any Cop?
    10. Everything Ever: The Diablo III Skill-Splurge
    11. Counter-Strike: GO Dons Casual Slacks
    12. Trine 2 Trailer Makes Everything Okay Again
    13. Same Sex Relations in SW:TOR Post-Release
    14. Pre-Free: City Of Heroes Freedom Trialling
    15. Double Jump = Coverage: Celestial Mechanica
    16. Sound The Horns: Red Orchestra 2 Released
    1. FIFA 12 Foot-To-Ball Demo Impressions
    2. Later This Month: A Valley Without Wind Beta
    3. ReBooty: Monkey Island FPS Revealed
    4. Broom Raiders: Dustforce Update
    5. Meow! GOG Release Wing Commander III
    6. Hands On: PAYDAY: The Heist
    7. Arma 3 & Underpants
    8. Saving The Company: Profitable Platforming
    9. Heavenly Hostiles: Wasteland Angel Demo
    10. Here's A Video of Ridge Racer: Unbounded
    11. YOU Can Make Monaco More Realistic, Kinda
    12. Shogun 2: Rise Of The Samurai Trailer
    13. Agents Of Change: Starbreeze Talk Syndicate
    1. The Secret Of Serious Sam's Pockets
    2. Wot I Think: Call of Juarez: The Cartel
    3. Unbinding Isaac: Ed Spills The Beans
    4. Hands On: Warhammer: Wrath Of Heroes
    5. Adventure Time: Minecraft 1.8 Update Leaked
    6. Chasing The Dragon: 20 Minutes Of Skyrim
    7. Valve's Erik Johnson On Who DOTA 2 Is For
    8. Roll With It: Rock Of Ages Is Out Now
    9. Ford Be With You: SW:TOR Smuggler Video
    10. Be Vindicated With A Euro Vindictus Beta Key
    11. Apple Revolution, DX:HR Mac Port Inbound
    12. In The Dark: Closure Trailer
    13. Wot We Wrote
    14. EA Offer Refunds For Tiger Woods 2012 PC?
    15. Tron Don: Saints Row 3's Virtual Reality
    16. 'Snot Green: Repaint Your Space Marine
    17. Trial Of Honour: Sengoku Demo Released
    18. Bunch Of Heroes Out Next Week
    19. Syndicate 'Revival' Is Official, Officially FPS
    20. Eurogamer Retro: Discworld Noir
    1. Syndicate Reboot Confirmed As Co-Op FPS?
    2. The Sunday Papers
    1. Cardboard Children: King of Tokyo
    2. Battlefield 3: The RPS Reader's Take
    1. Mods and Ends: Civilization V NiGHTS
    2. Wot I Think: Rock Of Ages
    3. Space Marine's Mysterious Steam UK Absence
    4. Super Eek Boy: Hollow
    5. ARGHipelago?: Dead Island DLC
    6. Dancing To Different Beats: Planetside 2
    7. The Flare Path: Your Display Is Pepper
    8. Wot I Think: Space Marine Multiplayer
    9. Actually, It's Okay To Complain
    10. Wot I Think: Hard Reset
    11. Saints Row 3's Street Cleaner, Hoverbike
    12. A More Human Race: F1 2011 Co-Op Video
    13. To Ashes: From Dust's DRM Removed
    14. JC Jensen: DIY DX3 In DX1
    1. Plenty: 22 Minutes Of Kingdoms of Amalur
    2. A Sine Of The Times: Waves
    3. On A Boat: Deus Ex DLC Screens & Trailer
    4. Turned: Wurm Online's Expansion Plans
    5. Menshoots: See Rage's Co-Op Mode In Action
    6. Max Payne 3 Out March 2012 With Multiplayer
    7. PlanetSide 2 Free To Play, Beta This Year
    8. Seven (Hundred) Samurai: Kenshi
    9. Wot I Think: Serious Sam: Double D
    10. The First Level Of Men Of War: Vietnam
    11. Rabbiting On: The Overgrowth Interview
    12. Wot I Think: Tropico 4
    1. Jesus Is Giving Away Free Games
    2. Borderlands 2 Hearts The PC
    3. On The Beta Track: Path Of Exile
    4. Harder: Hard Reset Demo Is Out
    5. Solium Infernum Free Mini Expansion Soon
    6. FOX News Takes Stand On Green Gaming
    7. Wot I Think: Space Marine
    8. Vindicated: Vindictus Coming To Europe
    9. Flattened Earth Society: Reprisal
    10. A Date For A Game Of A Game Of Thrones
    11. Level Scaling: Orion's Playable Dinosaurs
    12. Digital Swap Shop: Steam Trading
    13. Impressions: 15 Hours With Dead Island
    14. Your Favourite Videogame Environment?
    15. Clantastic: Sengoku Walkthrough Video
    16. Bigpoint CGO Criticises Big Pubs, Valve
    1. Wot I Think: The Baconing
    2. Grand Auto Theft: 3m DIRT 3 Keys Nicked
    3. First Impressions: Red Orchestra 2
    4. Avalanche On DRM: "Does Nothing Useful"
    5. Eve's CSM Fight Back, And Some Thoughts
    6. Dead Island PROPER Released Later Today
    7. Wot You Think: Space Marine
    8. Deus Ex: Human Revolution Is About DRM
    9. Adventurous: Minecraft 1.8 Trailer
    10. MW3 Multiplayer: I Feel So Old
    11. Ultra-Oops: Dead Island Dev Build Released?
    12. Found, Linked: DXHR's The Missing Link DLC
    13. Sleepless: New The Dream Machine Footage
    14. Helltanking: Jupiter's Folly Interview
    15. Diapers Advised: Serious Sam 3 Trailer
    1. Sinful: Legends of Pegasus Preview
    2. Dead Island Receiving Day One Bandages
    3. No Disc Required: Sonic CD Heading To PC
    4. Impressions: Wonderputt
    5. Human Devolution: DX3 in DX1
    6. Sideway: No Merlot Allowed
    7. On My First Whistle: Starpoint Gemini DLC
    8. Tiny Team Fortress 2D: Masjin
    9. Wot I Think: Achron
    10. Agent 47 To Attend Eurogamer Expo
    11. Get Physical: Origin Sells Boxed Valve Games
    12. The Jet Set: Dragon Commander Videos
    13. Team Meat <3 PC
    14. Crytek Boss Hits Back At Crytek Boos
    15. Augment Your Experience: DXHR Debug Mod
    1. The Sundays Papers
    2. 14 Minutes Of Borderlands 2 Wobble Footage
    1. Not Cardboard Children: Rab Is Away
    1. Chopper Envy: Take On Helicopters
    2. Peasantville: Stronghold 3 Financinomics
    3. Call Of Duty: MW3 Allows Multiple Players
    4. The Flare Path: Severely Overloaded
    5. Race to the Finish: End of Nations
    6. Aeroplane Over The Sea: SkyDrift
    7. Texas Stranger: The Real Texas
    8. Last On RPS: The Indie Games Arcade Lineup
    9. Mods And Ends: The Worry of Newport
    10. On A Roll: Rock Of Ages Final Trailer
    11. Just Deserts: Dungeon Siege III DLC
    12. Rings Around The World: DCUO DLC
    13. See Warhammer: Space Marine's War Hammer
    14. Defense Of The Questions: League of Legends
    15. DICE On BF3's Regenerating Tank Health
    1. ARGmentation: Deus Ex Code Cracking
    2. German Censors Approve New Action Game
    3. The Lowdown From Major League Gaming
    4. DICE On Unlocks And Keeping Games Alive
    5. Unstomp: Quick Thoughts On Gatling Gears
    6. Ultima IV Is Free On GoG Right Now
    7. A Realistic Hour With Skyrim
    8. Lead Warcraft Dev Says PC Is "Re-Emerging"
    9. Prospering? Star Trek Online F2P This Year
    10. LA Noire Devs Team Bondi In Administration
    11. Minerer: Miner Wars 2081
    12. Bang The Drum: Portal 2 Did Best On PC
    13. Safer Than Shotguns: Running With Rifles