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Rings Around The World: DCUO DLC

This week, DC began rebuilding their entire fictional universe from the ground up. Every title in the range has rebooted to issue number one, severing the future from decades of convoluted and conflicting continuity. I give them twelve months before this ‘new’ universe has split into fifteen multiverses filled with amnesiac clones of every major character whose only differentiating feature will be inverted costume colours or a small beard. Meanwhile, nobody seems to have told SOE who are still expanding the old universe in DC Universe Online. The latest expansion, out for free on September 6th, adds the Green Lantern Corps to the game, along with the Light power set. Players can also join up with the Sinestro Corps if they are villainous sorts. Being evil means you’ll have a magical yellow chainsaw, as seen in the trailer below.

The official website specifies a US release but company representatives on the forums have stated that subscribers in the EU and UK will receive the update as well at around the same time. I believe the only reason it’s not locked down for the 6th is because they’ll be updating US servers first. I must admit a fondness for all this silliness so I’ll be giving it a look. Adding the Lanterns does further highlight the limitation of having all these characters duking it out on Earth though. Give us the stars! In fact, now that I think about it, a Green Lantern Corps MMORPG might have been a better proposition from the start, although the mythology is much less iconic. And they wouldn't have been able to use Batman in all the marketing material.

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