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Arma 3 & Underpants

For some people, there's nothing better than watching nine Arma 3 videos in a row. Those people are going to be extremely disappointed, for today I am only able to bring them eight Arma 3 videos in a row. I have let you down. Perhaps even betrayed your trust. I am so sorry. One day, I hope, we might come to love each other again. Those of you with less exacting tastes will hopefully be able to draw some small measure of pleasure from the following 10-ish minutes of footage culled from presentations made at GamesCom last month. Includes a whole lot of undersea action, including what I'm prepared to guess is the most realistic flipper physics consumer videogames have ever before offered. Also, includes discussion of how much time they spent convincingly recreating soldiers' underpants. PRE-ORDERED.

Nicely laid-back and chatty videos, given Arma's steely-eyed nature, these - worth a watch whether or not you're into soldier sims. (Er, you probably shouldn't load the below post on a Netbook or anything else that has itself a cry when presented with Flash videos.)

More details and stuff and things but not underpants over on the brand new Arma 3 website.

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Arma 3


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