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Arma 3's next DLC takes us back to World War II

Spearhead 1944 comes later this year

Screenshot from Arma 3's Spearhead 1944 DLC, showing soldiers prepare for battle in front of a tank.
Image credit: Bohemia Interactive

Super serious shooter Arma 3 is leaning into its strengths in the next Creator DLC, called Spearhead 1944, which takes us back to World War II. The Arma series usually prides itself on realistic military simulations - apart from that one kooky expansion that added aliens - so WWII is almost the perfect battlefield for the long-running shooter.

Developer Bohemia Interactive say we’ll “be a part of the US First Army’s advance as they attempt to break through the German lines,” while using US equipment to “traverse the fields and bocage an all-new Normandy terrain.” Take a look at the impending battle below.

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Let’s take inventory. Spearhead 1944 is set seven weeks after D-Day and tells the tale of Operation Cobra, the covert mission to assassinate a German leader behind enemy lines. That story plays out over seven new co-op missions, although the DLC also adds over 50 weapons, 40 vehicles, a bunch of uniforms, and that previously mentioned Normandy map. The new field-filled terrain boasts a massive size and the team says it was all based on the topography of northwest France. You can find more screenshots from the DLC on Bohemia's website.

Creator DLC is the series’ publishing arm for Arma projects made by outside developers, including the past packs which took the game to Cold War Germany and Czechoslovakia, Vietnam, and the Western Sahara. Spearhead 1944 is instead being - ahem - spearheaded by studio Heavy Ordnance, and will be released later this year on Steam for £15/$18/€18.

Bohemia Interactive is otherwise busy working on the long-awaited Arma 4, as the studio told RPS that development was “ongoing” last summer. These Creator DLCs are a nice bridge while we wait, at least.

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