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Arma 3's World War 2 DLC Spearhead 1944 is out now

Tanks are still like angry houses

Arma 3's latest Creator DLC is out now. Called Spearhead 1944, it takes the realistic military simulator to World War 2 for a co-op campaign featuring over 90 period-accurate weapons and vehicles, as well as singleplayer and multiplayer scenarios.

The launch trailer below, and it looks great.

Arma 3: Spearhead 1944's launch trailer shows tha PC games are still about terrain.Watch on YouTube

Set seven weeks after D-Day, Spearhead 1944 tells the story of Operation Cobra across seven new co-op missions designed for up to 24 players. These missions take place across 150km2 terrain recreating Normandy at a 1:2 scale, and you'll work through hedgerows and from to town with 30 new weapons, including the likes of the M1 Garand and M1A1 Thompson. There are also five factions, so you can play not only as the US but as the Germans and the French.

Arma 3's "Creator" DLCs are so-named because they're not developed by Arma creators Bohemia Interactive, but by mod teams. Spearhead 1944 is the work of a group called Heavy Ordnance Works. If you're interested in how it was made, there's an interview with some of its creators on the Arma 3 site.

I've tried several times to get into Arma 3, but it's difficult to do without a lot of patience because modern warfare involves a lot of unhelpfully named weapons that have very different use cases I don't know. A World War 2 setting helps, because years of playing WW2-set games like Medal of Honor, Call Of Duty and Company Of Heroes means I've already internalised a lot about its weapons and vehicles. Plus, spending six hours on a Saturday to go on manouvers seems a lot less odd here in 2023 when lots of other games essentially function as 9-5 Mon-Fri jobs.

Spearhead 1944 is out now and has a 10% launch discount on Steam.

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