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FIFA 12 Foot-To-Ball Demo Impressions

In one minute I'll be announcing the announcement that the new demo of FIFA 12 will be being announced in a few minutes. That's a new demo for FIFA 12 that I will tell you has been released just as soon as I've announced that I'm announcing its imminent announcement. There's a FIFA 12 demo out! Wait, damn, that was too soon.

Gosh, I love foot-to-ball. I'm its number one fan. Every week you can see me by the rink side, hollering for my favourite team to get more points than the other one, and win the county cup. Which is why it'll come as no surprise to anyone that I'm here to tell you all about the new demo for FIFA 12. (Some people may not be as familiar with the sport as I, and not know that FIFA stands for Foot-to-ball Is Flipping Awesome, but now you do.)

So I set myself up with a round of the game, in which I played OM (a transcendental meditative team), fighting against BVB (the good old Brian's Vibrant Boys). We played two frames, during which I was able to experience the new Tactical Defending elements of the game. They're pretty self explanatory, but I played through the tutorial anyway, where I was informed obvious things like,

"Holding RB calls a teammate to pressure the dribbler. If held while the player you are controlling is containing him, your teammate will Double the dribbler. Have your teammate contain the dribbler for 6 seconds to complete the drill."

I guess there will be some people who don't know about pressuring dribbles under double control, so I suppose such inclusions are necessary. I mean, it's no worse than "Press Space to jump"!

I'll tell you what - some feet touched some balls in those field events! There were tackles, a couple of headers, and at least one point was scored every half-round. It was thrilling, as the commentators let me know. The good thing about the commentary in FIFA 12's demo is that it's able to remind you of the events that happened about 30 seconds before they're said, because otherwise such things are all too easy to forget.

Then this alien being came down and joined in on my side. It was amazing! He could do kicks up in the air, and did five dribbles! But then the players started turning into ghosts, so he was sent off.

I got in a bit of trouble when I plunged my arm through the back of one of my teammates and then ripped out his still beating heart. But a yellow card?! Come on, reverend!

I don't like to boast, but I won that first round of footing, before losing the second in a penalty shoot-out, because I didn't look up which button it was to move the goal defender.

And then it was time for tea.

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