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Intelligent Design: Primal Carnage Footage

There's a museum in Kentucky entirely dedicated to promulgating a literal interpretation of the Genesis poem to the masses. And a big part of that, for these hardcore Creationists, is insisting that dinosaurs and humans co-existed. So sure, you might want to weep and tear your clothes at the countless millions of dollars being spent on a temple dedicated to spreading what most would consider ignorance. But then at the same time, this is a place that explains there were dinosaurs on Noah's ark. Which is almost too good a mad thing to not exist in the world.

Although you could argue that money could have been spent helping the poor and needy, with everyone involved instead watching trailers for Primal Carnage. The latest of which is below.

I understand the "museum"'s wish. Who doesn't want it to be true that people were riding around on diplodocuses, and fighting T-rexes with guns? That's the version of history that should have existed. I say, instead of spending another $24.5 million on building a "lifesize" ark, can we not channel that money into developing the technology needed to bring dinosaurs back to life, just to make Primal Carnage come true? I mean, look:

Cover image for YouTube video

That's the way forward.

The game is still in alpha, still being developed by a dedicated team (the always poorly named Lukewarm Media) around the world, often in their spare time. Which makes its extraordinary detail all the more impressive. A beta is coming, although there's no date for when - you can sign up to it here.

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