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Prettisaurus: Primal Carnage GDC Trailer

We mentioned Primal Carnage last month, the mod-gone-commercial multiplayer FPS that pits humans versus dinosaurs. Which is awesome even just to type. At the time we had a couple of videos of dinosaur movement, and some impressive screenshots. We all got appropriately excited about it. And now, crikey. You really should watch the video below. Twice.

Lukewarm Media really couldn't have chosen a more inappropriate name based on the work they've shown so far. In fact, watching the Ungine-based video below, it seems almost wrong that something so beautiful is going to be the site for brutal battle. Take a look. (Or watch it in giant HD over here).

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Oh please can they make a version where you don't fight, but instead just sneak around the landscape watching the dinosaurs getting on with their business? I think that would be enough. Clearly there's no example of how the game itself will play as yet, but at this point I think the indie team have offered us plenty of reasons to be very keen to find out.

Lukewarm are at GDC this week, and if you're there you can see it running at the Ungine book. Team member Ashton Anderson is on Twitter here, for those wishing to stalk. But most of all what people can do is donate to the project to help it get made. (I'll stress, they've not asked us to ask you to do this.) So to make donations, head here. There's a bunch of bonuses for people who donate, and for $10 minimum you get a place on the (currently not dated) closed beta.

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