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DINOFIGHT! New Primal Carnage Footage

Primal Carnage, the dinosaurs versus humans multiplayer project from independent developers Lukewarm Media, has released some awesome new footage. It's accompanied by quite a change - the team has switched from Ungine to the Unreal Development Kit, and what was already looking spectacular now looks super-spectacular. Below, along with lots of new details and screenshots, is an epic dino-fight, in realtime in-game UDK footage. I checked.

Let's start with the trailer, because it's proper wow:

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Lots of new classes have been announced, five for each side. Humans have the Palaeontologist, the Commando, the Trapper, the Firestarter, and the Pathfinder.

Meanwhile the lizards have the T-Re, the Raptor, the Dilophosaurus, Compsognathus, and Pteranodon.

Plus the team has announced the Nemesis system. This means each class has one enemy type they're weak against, and one they're strong against. A sort of giant wheel of rock, paper, scissors (as Kieron called our website for the first year). Here's that wheel:

We understand that it's already playable, and hope to see it running in the next couple of months. There's no official release date yet. And let's try to focus here. It's DINOSAURS VERSUS HUMANS. If you want to donate to the project (they're 21 people around the world, working unfunded) you can do that here.

And because I can't let the raptor thing go by without being slightly passive-aggressive, here's the Dan Telfer clip:

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