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Dinos Soar In Primal Carnage

There's a school of thought that says half the videogames people make are just big-budget, explosion-packed attempts at reliving rah-rah-rah playground fantasies. But that's a dumb accusation. Obviously, we're really attempting to relive rah-rah-rah action figure fantasies. Case in point: gaming's un-ending pursuit of the ultimate man vs dinosaur sim, ripped straight from my childhood's imaginary "G.I. Joe vs Godzilla" newspaper headlines. Sadly, both Dino D-Day and Orion: Dino Beatdown fell flat, so Primal Carnage is moving in to pick up the slack with its hilariously short, strangely adorable dinosaur arms. But will it succeed? Let's ask our good friend, Mr Character Showcase.

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And you say that you even burned their tibias, just to be sure? How very droll. Oh, sorry, I was just having a quick chat with Mr Character Showcase. He really is just delightful. Anyway, Primal Carnage. It's looking... well, a bit messy. I don't know. I mean, I'm digging the potential for flocks of high-flying, lock-on-lunging devil lizards and the ability to counter them with nets, but the rest looks kind of ho-hum. Shooting seems a little stiff, and the action looks too chaotic for its own good.

But then, this is just one trailer, and it does seem like Lukewarm's aiming for a focus on coordinated class usage and - if nothing else - basic teamwork. Meanwhile, beta's right around the corner, so you'll be able to try it for yourself before too much longer. Plus, that also means there's still plenty of room for tweaks and improvements, so perhaps the quintessentially human dream of being able to play with guns and dinosaurs at the same time isn't that far from coming true.

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