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A Date For A Game Of A Game Of Thrones

Cyanide's A Game Of Thrones: Genesis finally has a release date. The RTS set in George R. R. R. R. R. Martin's grumpy world will be with us this very month, on the 29th. Being a strategy game, clearly I'd have to receive an odd number of bumps to the head to play it, but were I to I would insist on only ever making honourable decisions, no matter how frequently this led to my entire family getting enslaved and murdered and everyone's heads getting chopped off. Because Boromir says that's how it should be. Which interestingly is almost something the game offers. You can see some new screenshots below, too.

Cyanide, most famous for, er, Pro Cycling Manager, also made the Games Workshop themed Blood Bowl in 2009. However, they're now clearly working on a much larger scale, developing not only Genesis, but a Game Of Thrones RPG, and another RPG called Of Orcs & Men. But first up is Genesis, which promises to maintain the atmosphere of the novels. According to the details spoken today, you'll even be able to play the game "without ever entering an open war or recruiting an army". Which is intriguing.

There are some new screenshots, you'll be relieved to learn, which you can look at with any eyes of your choosing.

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