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Going Balloonistic: Rage

Just in case anyone was worried that Rage might end up just being Slightly Miffed, the launch trailer, which you may have seen on a televisual device, has come along to remind us what the game is really about. Angry music and mutants being clobbered. Of course, there is actually more to it than that but it’s important to emphasise that the following things will be happening: giant mutants will clamber toward you threateningly, vehicles will flip over and explode, and balloons will deliver explosive payloads to incredulous enemies. See below for proof.

I didn’t even mention the stabbing and that’s right at the start! I’d highly recommend you watch again just to pay close attention to the desperate mutant’s reaction to the balloon. He cannot believe this is the slapstick fashion in which he is going to die. Wonderful.

Of course, this being a launch trailer you may be thinking the game has been launched. Of course not. There will probably be a release trailer when that happens on October 4th in North America and the 7th for Europe.

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