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Hoorage! - RAGE Free To Play All Weekend

For sale: used car(mack)

John Carmack has officially packed his bags and taken a rocket car over to Oculus Rift, now his sole employer until he decides he wants to become the world's foremost expert on Hyperloops or something. So what better way to celebrate/commiserate than by playing maybe the last game he'll ever see to completion? Answer: there is no better way. If you are doing anything else, John Carmack will probably never be your friend or spend upwards of five hours giving you breathless life advice. Fortunately, RAGE is free on Steam this weekend. Details below.

The open-world-ish shooter will be free as air or that bird Lynyrd Skynyrd will never be able to escape until Sunday at 1 PM Pacific. The promotion is, er, interestingly timed on Valve and id's part, but it's probably just a coincidence. For the duration of the trial, RAGE is also selling for 75 percent off. It isn't exactly id's finest work, but at that price, it might just be worth the impulse buy.

Or you could just dedicate your weekend to playing through the entire thing for free. Do as you wish. It's going to be at least another few years before we get a bona fide "Be John Carmack" Oculus Rift simulation, so this will just have to do for now.

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