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Friday, London: The RPS Meet-o-Chat 2011

This week marks the Eurogamer Expo at Earl's Court in London, an event at which there will be many delightful videogames to see and play - including a raft of top-notch indie titles. Some members of RPS will be in attendance at the show on the Friday at least, but on Saturday we must all flock to Bath as a last ditch attempt to rescue the lady John has tricked into marrying him that day. However, we will also be lurking in an alehouse in the vicinity of the Expo on Friday night, where we will be in the proximity of copious amounts of alcohol/soft drinks and, hopefully, you.

Wanna come along?

Yup, the now annual RPS Meet-o-Chat is happening again. (This is in addition to the more regular, reader-organised RPS Social Clubs, which are equally deserving of your attendance). I should be around, as should be Jim, Kieron, Quintin, Adam and Lewie, plus assorted others you may know from The Internet. John won't be there though - apparently getting ready to be joined in holy matrimony to a wonderful woman is more important. Tcch!

We're going to be upstairs at The Atlas, out near the West Brompton entrance to the Expo, from 7pm. Come join us do - you don't need to have gone/be going to the Expo, just turn up if you can make it. Its location should be below:

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So, just to be anally precise, that's The Atlas, 16 Seagrave Road, Fulham, London, SW6 1RX, UK from 7pm on Friday 23 September. See you there, hopefully. And if not, why not?

If you want to go the Eurogamer Expo, by the way, Saturday and Sunday have now sold out, but tickets are still going for Thursday and Friday. Get thee here to book one.

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