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Eurogamer Expo RPS Meet-o-chat Details

You may remember us setting up some lovely polls to see whether people wanted to hook up at the Eurogamer Expo. And you do! So, I've OBEYED YOUR WILL and done some phoning around and actually booked a room for RPS' EVIL USES on Friday October 1st. Full details follow, including what I suggest folk do on the other nights.

EDIT: There's a second map with a guide from the expo...

Basically, I have the function room booked at the O'Neill's near Earl's Court from 7pm. It's at 326 Earls Court Road, Kensington, London, SW5 9BQ. Or, via the medium of googlemaps...

And here's how to get from Earl's Court to the O'Neill's...

In other words, 2 minutes walk according to google. So a distance so small that even RPS' portliest readers should be able to walk it, and directions so simple even Walker could follow them.

EDIT: That's from Earl's court station. Here it is from the show, according to mtrc....

Let's go to FAQ mode!

What are we going to do?

Well, meet up is the plan. We'll probably improvise a few things, but there's not going to be a formal event. Quinns and I will be there, and Alec will be too. Jim won't and I don't believe John will. The function room is limited to 80 people, so abstractly fits everyone who said they'll want to come, but I suspect we'll sort of spill out into the pub a little when we inevitably attract a HOT GAMING CROWD.

Are you an indie-dev?

Feel free to bring a laptop and sort of improvise a micro-show there.

Why O'Neill's?

Frankly, if 80-odd gamers are turning up, we need to make sure the place can accommodate people and this is the best I was able to get on a Friday night.

What time does it start again?

7pm. As in, when the Expo closes.

I'm only going on Saturday/Sunday/Monday! Boo!

That's not a question. While we won't be booking anywhere, I suspect they'll be RPS-readers coming on all three nights who'd fancy hanging around in the pub afterwards for a bit. I'm going to suggest that we make O'Neill's the "Official" RPS pub for the event. There's other pubs in the area, but this would keep it all simple.

In short: if you're bored and looking for RPS-folk, go to O'Neill's.

How do I recognise other RPS-ers?

Well, Friday night is easy. Find the function room. Go inside. RPSers!

The other nights are trickier. I'm not 100% sure that I'm going to be there - Quinns is for the whole weekend, and I know Cameron/Denby/Proctor are. I'll fill in more details here if people have ideas.

Frankly, if you look for geeky blokes and ask if they're RPS folk, it's not a bad bet. Yes, there's a lot of geeky blokes at expo. However, geeky blokes probably won't punch you for asking either. And maybe you'll make a new friend. Hurrah!

I'm scared. Will you hold me?


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