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Deadshot: Arkham's Cannon-Wristed Nutter

More Arkham City footage this morning, which makes me very happy indeed. It’s the reveal of a new villain, and we all know villains are one of the best things about comic book games. The footage comes courtesy of Gametrailers and as well as showing some footage of the game, it has excitable fellow Sefton Hill giving some background on another villain out to cause mischief and mayhem. This time it's Deadshot, the world’s greatest assassin. That’s right, all those historical wrist-bladed assassins can step aside, because Deadshot has wrist-mounted cannons. BOOM. Take a look.

Cover image for YouTube video

As much as anything else, I've learned that Deadshot sounds very pleased with himself.

The boss fights were the only thing I didn’t like about Arkham Asylum, and most of the world agreed with me. With a villain like Deadshot, there’s plenty of scope for detective skills to take the fore rather than fisticuffs. Investigating murder scenes and hunting the cad down should take precedent over punching him in the face while rolling out of the way of the wrist-mounted cannon blasts. I’d be perfectly happy if taking down the villains in Arkham City was all about the hunt rather than the kill. Or the knockout, as Batman would have it. And that just made me envisage Batman wearing jodhpurs and his cowl, riding a jet black steed, chasing down a fox, and then dismounting and punching it into submission.

Like all great detectives, there is nothing that man will not punch.

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