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Day In The Strife: Dragon Age 2 DLC

BioWare have just released a trailer for a fresh chunk of Dragon Age 2 DLC, Mark of the Assassin. I’m not sure how big a chunk is - in fact, all I know about this one is that it involves an “impregnable fortress” that you’ll end up pregnating, “monsters” that you’ll end up killing and an elf voiced by Felicia Day, she of The Guild and Dr Horrible, among other things (presumably) that I don't know about. In fact, that seems to be the main selling point. It’s mentioned well before any details regarding content other than voice recordings. In fact, it’s pretty much the only detail mentioned at all, apart from the fact that this is "story" DLC rather than "item" DLC. Who wants more Dragon Age narrative? Anyone? See what you can glean below.

Done gleaning?

You may have noticed that the elf actually looks a bit like Felicia Day, as well as sounding exactly like her. That’s because the character she’s voicing here is the one she actually plays in the live action web series Dragon Age: Redemption, which was trailerised back in February but has yet to materialise. Maybe they were holding it back until the DLC was ready. October 11, if you’re wondering. No word on price yet.

Oh, go on, here's the Redemption trailer, ears and all.

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