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Augment Your Experience: DXHR Debug Mod

Scaleform? Dolby Digital? AMD? I didn't ask for this. Neither did you, probably, so if you fancy a way of disabling all those annoying unskipable splash screens, here it is. Word on the street is that the member of staff at Eidos Montreal responsible for them fully intended to make the splash screens skippable, but as they entered the meeting room to discuss it, a prerendered cutscene took over and forced them to make the splash screens unskippable. What a shame.

Still, thanks to the work of modder extraordinaire "gibbed", we've got a mod to enable debug mode in Deus Ex: Human Revolution, and it lets us fiddle with all sorts of settings. Do you like fiddling with settings?

Here's an example, just a little sample, of what you can do with Debug mode enabled:

  • Instantly spawn any items, like weapons, ammo, weapon mods, and consumables,
  • Instantly unlock any augmentations,
  • Disable auto health regeneration,
  • Auto-hack any terminal,
  • Infinite energy,
  • Infinite health,
  • Turn off all NPCs,
  • Hide the HUD,
  • Disable intro (this stops all the logos loading, you just see a quick wall of text, and then straight to the main menu).
  • And loads, loads, more.

It also sticks a mission selector on the main menu, so you can jump right back into your favourite mission, if you feel like it. I reckon for my next playthrough, I'm going to unlock a host of augmentations from the start, give myself unlimited energy, but switch off health regeneration.

With news that at least three hub areas were cut from the game, it's hard to not dream that modders might pick up the slack. As recently as last month, Eidos Montreal suggested to Gamespy that they might put out mod tools if enough people want them.

Any mods you'd like to see? Perhaps replacing all the boss fights with air vents to climb through.

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