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A Clot Of Colons: Game of Thrones: Genesis

From what I can gather, people waited decades for the most recent book in the Song of Ice and Fire series. In comparison, Cyanide Studios’ RTS take on Mr R R Martin’s world, A Game of Thrones: Genesis, has burst into existence with stunning alacrity. Screenshots have emerged, showing glowering men in armour and maps with recognisable landmarks on them, such as The Wall, which isn’t a prog rock album but an actual wall that’s covered with ice. I know that because I’ve read the first book. Now, just one week before release, there’s a trailer for the game. Watch it below.

I really hope there’s a rhythm action blacksmithing minigame as the video strongly implies. I don’t actually feel like I know much more than I did when I looked at the screenshots: armies will move around on maps and presumably fight one another. Quite honestly, I didn’t expect quite so much rousing forge-work but that’s fine.

If this didn’t have the license attached it would look like a budget RTS with nothing to differentiate it from the crowd. However, the license isn’t just window dressing, it’s a complex world with all manner of political manoeuvring and wickedry. That’s not at all evident from the trailer, which doesn’t even trade on the Game of Thrones name very effectively.

But the press releases have spoken about diplomacy, plotting and, most intriguingly, family mismanagement. That’s my polite way of referring to the concealment of bastards, which Cyanide claim will be essential for rulers wanting to keep hold of their precious prestige. It should also be the name of the next book. Although he’s an indefinite article man, Mr R R, so it would be A Concealment of Bastards. Still works for me.

Remember, this one is the RTS, not the RPG. The RPG is also being made by Cyanide, though at a different studio, and it's not out for ages. Hopefully not as far off as the next book though.

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