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Host In Space: Gratuitous Space Battles DLC

Observant eyes may have noticed that there’s a new expansion out for Gratuitous Space Battles, the fleet building slice of indie goodness from Positech. While this fresh bit of DLC doesn’t add any new game modes, it does add 10 new ships, three new pieces of equipment and a new scenario. The new ships belong to the titular Parasites faction, who sound very unpleasant indeed. Swanning around the galaxy looking for host species to grow their larvae in? It’s not on. There’s a trailer showing some particularly gratuitous space battles below and a new pic from Positech’s upcoming Gratuitous Tank Battles for your eyes to look at.

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I told you it was gratuitous. Heck, the game’s title told you it was. The expansion pack is $5.99/£4.91 and is available under the DLC button here.

Jim wrote about Gratuitous Tank Battles a while ago and it sounded very good indeed, containing, as it will, both trench warfare and death-dealing giant robots. While it shares design elements with its space sibling, as well as building an army you'll be expected to take a more hands-on role once the fighting starts.

Click for a large version of the pic, which is intended to show off the all-important user interface.

Not as gratuitous as expected

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