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Play Gratuitous Space Battles For Free This Weekend

I know many of you will be spending the weekend tending to your winter-blasted shoots as you celebrate the feast day of Serenus the Gardener, or perhaps remembering Red Army Day by engaging in tabletop recreations of the Battle of Kiev or, for the more ambitious, Operation Bagration. Commendable pastimes, I'm sure, but if the dusty red blocks that represent Soviet armoured divisions are lost in the attic, or Serenus' spirit is locked in the frozen turf, then you may be interested to hear that Gratuitous Space Battles is free to play on Steam until Sunday 9PM GMT.

Imagine you played the game and fell in love with it and then feared the time when your weekend together would be over. What then? Well, if you enjoy the planning and plotting then you can buy the game for £2.99 during the free period, or pay £3.49 for the complete package with loads of DLC.

You can also Blop a Cod (two) without paying a penny this weekend and the latest in fish-person shooting is retailing at 33% off its regular price throughout the weekend. I decided to read a bit about cods just now and learned about cod worms. I really wish I hadn't and I suggest you avoid clicking on that link by applying all of your not inconsiderable willpower.

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