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Shiny Bang Boom: Gratuitous Space Battles 2 Released

Your plans suck

It's always nice to have a demonstration what a complete fool you are and how poorly you think things through. Humbling. Gratuitous Space Battles offered that experience with huge spacefights where your input ends as soon as the battle begins, and all you can do is watch as the plans you laid, the issues you ordered, and the ships you designed failed spectacularly to deal with the enemy's far superior plan. Or maybe you were good at it. I don't know.

Either way, you may get something out of Gratuitous Space Battles 2 [official site], which launched yesterday.

Grat Spa Bat 2 brings oodles more parts to build ships from, and lets players customise their appearance far more too. I dread to imagine the crudities players will create, by which I mean I'll probably giggle at them. Prettiness is a big part of the sequel too, with far fancier graphics at least giving you a nicer show as you watch your hubris play out. Balance is given a firm going-over too. It doesn't massively change the core, but would you want that from a sequel?

It's on Steam, GOG, Humble and direct from Positech for about £19. If you're thinking "Didn't this come out in, like, February?" nah, that was the beta.

"Just be sure to mention that the guy in the trailer says DO MY DOODY" demands Alec. Done!

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