March 2011 Archive

    1. Impulse Sale Good For Indies Say Stardock
    2. GameStop Swallow Impulse And Spawn Labs
    3. Tameable Wolves! Minecraft 1.4 Update Out
    4. Swords And Paucity: An Observation
    5. Spider-Man: Edge Of Time Hits This Autumn
    6. Thoughts: What Went Wrong In Dragon Age II
    7. Magicka: Vietnam Out April 12th
    8. Category 6 Studios Are Making Blackout
    9. This Year: A "Definitive" Version Of Z
    10. Rotors Scoped: Take On Helicopters Coming
    11. Free Space: Black Prophecy First Impressions
    12. There's A Game. The Name? Dead Horde
    13. Foot That Ball! New Star Soccer 5 Trailer
    14. Eric Chahi Says Originality Is Coming Back
    15. Rally, Rally Fast: Dirt 3 Group B Trailer
    16. Allods Online Finally Hits Official Launch
    17. Avalanche Go To The Arcades: Renegade Ops
    18. Res Evil: Op Racc City Tease Trail Yay!
    19. Arrival DLC For Mass Effect 2, Uh, Arrives
    20. ROBOBIFF: New Hawken Footage
    1. Petroglyph Date Rise Of The Immortals Beta
    2. A Buggy Release: Viriax Impressions
    3. Minecraft Seeds For Excellent Terrain
    4. Still Alive: Baldy, Baldy Max Payne 3
    5. Cargasm Is Actually A Thing
    6. WoW Guilds To Get XP Boost, Free Money
    7. Pregnant With Fear: F.E.A.R. 3 Story Trailer
    8. Battlefield 3: Again With The Battles
    9. Scale Models: Jurassic Park Dinosaur Trailer
    10. EA vs Ultima IV
    11. Life Of The Party: Rift's River of Souls
    12. Mod News: It's All Going On
    13. Minecraft:Wolves, Achievements, Mods, Merch
    1. Mirth Wyrm: Hoard Demo On Steam
    2. Heist School: Gunpoint
    3. Did He Fall Or Was He Trip? (Part Two!)
    4. Crate News! Grim Dawn Reveals Combat
    5. Way Of The Helicopter: Choplifter HD
    6. Crysis 2's Shocking Tech Compromise: Proof
    7. Impossigames: The 2011 Java4K Challenge
    8. All Of The Lights: Vice City In GTA IV
    9. Pale Blue Dotty: Solar 2
    10. Score: Metacritic Drops Dev Ratings
    11. Gnome Chompski Rides Again
    12. Seeded: DarkSpore Open Beta On Steam
    13. Gaze Into A Valley Without Wind
    1. Obi-One: The Old Republic Jedi Trailer
    2. Vacuum? Packed: Incoming EVE Updates
    3. Portal 2's Cooperative Bots Investments
    4. PC Getting Some Resident Evil This Winter
    5. Spotlight On Biscuit - Homefront Multiplayer
    6. Not Drowning But Flexing: GIRP
    7. Amanita Reveal All: Jakub Dvorský Interview
    8. Rot, Browser, Shotgun: Project Zomboid
    9. AMD Claim DirectX Not That Bad After All
    10. Not A Man, A Number: Metacritic Rates Devs
    11. Planet-Busting: The Future of EVE
    12. Super Clunky Ball: Rock Of Ages Videos
    1. The Sunday Papers
    1. Wot I Think: Lego Star Wars: The Clone Wars
    2. Wot I Think: Crysis 2
    1. Weather Warcast: Elements Of War Gone Gold
    2. Shift 2 Unleashed Has Cars Wot Go Fast
    3. A Documentary About British Game Dev
    4. Also: Pirates Of The Black Cove Revealed!
    5. EA Dares To Question Holiness Of Old Games
    6. Norman Conquest: A Combat Mission AAR
    7. Dragon Age Writer On Characters' Bisexuality
    8. Sanctum Is A FPSTD, Has Beta
    1. Dungeon Siege 3 Redresses Huge Imbalance
    2. Solar Powered: Gemini Wars
    3. Wot I Think: Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime
    4. Not Gary: Numen: Contest Of Heroes
    5. Hunted Exposes Co-op Combat Creativity
    6. Alpha Squadron: A.R.C. Squadron
    7. Wot I Think: Bloodline Champions
    8. Imagine That: Duke Nukem Delayed. Again
    9. Tiger, Tiger: Emulated Electronic Games
    10. A Date With A Space Marine
    11. A Stab At It: The First Templar
    12. APB Reloaded Beta Codes For You
    13. TF2's Hats For Japan
    1. Deus Ex 3 PC Being Co-Developed By Nixxes
    2. Oi, RTS Players: What Do You Play?
    3. Space Time: Starpoint Gemini Demo
    4. No More Gothic 4 For You
    5. Clockwork In Progress: No Time To Explain
    6. Travels In Arx Fatalis: Part One
    7. Zombrief: Trapped Dead Out, Impressions
    8. Dead Meets Lead Meets You. Hello!
    9. Modern Medusa: Live-Action Fray Trailer
    10. Mod News: School's Out
    11. Are Valve Working On Something Horrible?
    12. Flock Together: Free PC Angry Birds
    13. Steam Updates: New L4D2, & SILK Voicechat
    1. Khorney Dialogue: Space Marine Does Chaos
    2. Portal 2: Invest In Aperture's Panels
    3. No Oceans: Call For Worldwide Release Dates
    4. Because I Only Just Noticed It: Tricky Truck
    5. Ben Cousins Talks Battlefield Play4Free
    6. Flirting With Disaster: Section 8 Prejudice
    7. Serious Samurai- A Total War: Shogun 2 Chat
    8. Dailly News: GTA's Original Design Document
    9. Black Prophecy Live In Europe
    10. EA's Cousins: $60 Games "Exploitative"
    11. Duke's "Capture The Babe" Slap Feature
    12. CODBLOPS First Strike's Last Strike
    13. Chivalry Is Unrealistic
    1. Blooming: Trine 2 Footage Sure Is Shiny
    2. Might & Magic: Heroes VI Coming This June
    3. Lego Star Wars III Clones Tomorrow
    4. Confirmed: Hitman 5 Includes Hands, Towers
    5. PCs Are 10x More Powerful Than Consoles
    6. Take It For A Spin: Spiral Knights
    7. Wot I Think: Assassin's Creed Brotherhood
    8. Spotlight On Biscuit- Section 8: Prejudice
    9. Return of the Not-Mac: MS's PC Game Future
    10. Jamestown: Legend Of The Lost Colony
    11. How CCP Are Inspired By Iceland
    12. Wastedland: The Axed Fallout Movie
    1. Red Eclipse, An Open Source FPS
    2. The Sunday Papers
    1. Wot I Think: Homefront (Single Player)
    2. Gaming Made Me: Quest for Glory IV
    3. Deux Ex: Human Revolution Multi-Path Trailer
    4. The RPS Omnibus
    5. Molyneux: Minecraft Is Game Of The Decade
    1. The Creator Speaks: Rohrer On Chain World
    2. Into The Pixel Celebrates Game Art In 2011
    3. Duke Nukem Forever PAX Video Is A Bit Rude
    4. A Howl: Minecraft Vid Shows Pet Wolves
    5. Gambit Game Is Drama School For AI
    6. Final Mass Effect 2 DLC Hits March 29th
    7. Mule Variations: The Dungeon Siege III Chat
    8. Valve Unveil Portal 2 TV Ad
    9. Correction: Ubisoft's DRaMatic Change
    10. Monday Night Combat Free Weekend Is GO
    11. The Chain World Controversy: Jia Ji Speaks
    1. Three Moves Ahead Is A Strategy Podcast
    2. Volition Boss Says No More Duff PC Ports
    3. Rock, Paper, Shotgun's News In Briefs
    4. Presenting The CCP Chessboxing Rumble
    5. Fall For It: Fallen Frontier Looks Neat
    6. World Of Tanks Finally Launches April 12th
    7. Shattered Horizon To Get Bot Support
    8. Churn, No Bill: Chernobyl Terrorist Attack
    9. Valve + Looking Glass' Doug Church = !!!!!!!!!!
    10. Holiday Snaps, Rips: Dead Island Screens
    11. VVVVVV Soundtrack: PPPPPPoweredup!
    12. Hitman 5 Is Coming, Has ARG
    13. Gongs: BAFTA Video Game Award Winners
    1. Homefront Sells 0 Copies In UK
    2. Hans Zimmer Working On Crysis 2 OST
    3. Please Stop It: Dragon Age Legends
    4. Right: A Chat With Paradox's Fred Wester
    5. Battlefield 3: Shooting, Crawling, Worrying
    6. String Theory: Ubisoft Announce Rocksmith
    7. Mnemotechnics And Ultima Underworld II
    8. Oh, Ubisoft: Torrented Their Own Music?
    9. Mod News: Nearing Completion
    10. BeGone, The Multiplayer Browser Shooter
    11. DOW2: So That's What An Ork Looks Like
    12. Aliens On A Plane: First Prey 2 Trailer
    13. Your Tuesday Night Stupid: Toast
    1. Class War: Brink Shows Off Its ManTypes
    2. So The Arkham City Trailer Is Spectacular
    3. Forbidden: Drakensang: River Of Time
    4. The Cult of Minecraft: Chain World
    5. BioWhere? EA Working On Fixing Game Bans
    6. Shogun 2 Is Out Today, You Know
    7. Ultima's Lord British Returns, Without Ultima
    8. ERRORZ AGAINZ! RPS Still Needs Your 503
    9. Update: Prey 2: Not Id Tech 5: Has A Hat: OK?
    10. Say "Apple": The First 8 Mins Of Portal 2
    11. Prototype 2 Isn't Out Until 2012
    12. Vote For Versus In TIGSource Compo
    13. Dragonica Giving Away Prizes For Logging In
    14. You Can Have A Look At Pride Of Nations
    1. (Trea)Sure Fire Hit: Hoard Coming To PC
    2. Beyond The Bucket: Two Years On
    3. WIT: The Opening Hours Of Dragon Age II
    4. That's Hot, Rod: Jagex's Transformers MMO
    5. Living And Breathing In Garry's Mod
    6. Surprise! Prey 2 Confirmed
    7. Uplinked: Deus Ex 3's Hacking System
    8. Japan Disaster Aid From SI and Zynga
    9. Fight For Flight For Fight Demo
    10. BioShock 2 Protector Trials DLC Hits Today
    11. Wot I Think: Rift
    12. Skulls Of The Shogun's Third Début Trailer
    13. Korea Criminal: Homefront Launch Trailer
    1. The Sunday Papers
    1. Cardboard Children: Survive!
    1. EA Retracts Game Ban For Forum Violation
    2. Wot I Think: Fate Of The World
    3. Garry's Mod + Kinect = Dancing DOG
    4. The National To Provide Song For Portal 2
    5. Wot No Jawas? The Old Republic In-Game
    6. Wot I Think: Total War: Shogun 2
    7. Hi-Rez Announce Tribes: Ascend
    8. Has Risen: Dreamlords: Resurrection
    9. EA Forum Bans Can Lock You Out Of Games
    10. Men of War: AS Patched, Interviewed
    11. UFO Online: X-Com In Your Browser?
    12. Team Fortress: Total War
    1. Call Of Pripyat Complete Is Complete
    2. And Also: The Secret World GDC Trailer
    3. Hands On With SuperGiant's Bastion
    4. Interesting Things About The Secret World
    5. Ready, Jedi, Go: Pre-Launch SWTOR Guilds
    6. Skyrim: Back To Morrowind's Weirdness?
    7. Deja Vu: Gaming Like Cocaine Claims Return
    8. Near: Europa Universalis III Chronicles
    9. Sixteen, With A 10 Meg Pipe: TV Does Games
    10. Robot Rock: Hawken Is Quite The Indie Game
    11. Alestorm: RPS Social Club Meets March 19th
    12. Minecraft Plus Physics Is Smashing
    13. Tanks For Nothing: World Of Tanks Tutorials
    14. Op Fap Red River: Shifting Focus Trailer
    15. Battlefield Play4Free: Trailer2Watch
    1. Orion: Prelude, Now With More Dinosaur
    2. Not Army Men: Toy Soldiers
    3. DYSWTDT? Armoured & Dangerous Demo
    4. For Serious: The Serious Sam Indie Series
    5. Ghostbusters: Sanctum Of Slime MP Trailer
    6. Guild Wars 2 Crafting Stuff Revealed!
    7. Pretty Two-Dimensional: Antimatiere
    8. EA & Intel Say PC Could Be "Biggest"
    9. Mod News: Stalking Differently
    10. A Korea In Tanks: Theatre Of War 3
    11. Oh Yes: That Next-Gen Unreal Footage
    12. On The Rocks: Games For Windows Live
    1. "When Will You Release Counter-Strike 2?"
    2. The RPS Verdict: Bulletstorm
    3. Towering Majesty: Defenders of Ardania
    4. Wot I Think - Din’s Curse: Demon War
    5. Bangin': Battlefield Heroes Hit 7 Million Users
    6. Interview: Notch On The Future Of Minecraft
    7. Quick Draw: Get On The Gunshine Beta
    8. Dragon Age II Officially Extra-Prettified
    9. No Flash Photography: A Fraps Fiend Frets
    10. Get Down With A Sickness: Viriax Trailer
    11. APB Reloaded: A Trailer, Beta News
    12. Augmentation In August: Deus Ex 3 Dated
    1. Maths and Mechs: PC Games At UK Retail
    2. Yes, Crysis 2 Multiplayer Progression Trailers
    3. RPS Verdict - Dawn of War II: Retribution
    4. A Day In The Life Of Minecraft Creator Mojang
    5. Pikkotekk's "1000-Player FPS"
    6. Notch Reveals Plans For After Minecraft
    7. Alice: Madness Returns Footage Is Gorgeous
    8. It's Real Time: CryEngine 3's Real-Time Tools
    9. Wet Dream: Steam Releases Dreamcast Pack
    10. A Sword of the Stars II Video For You
    11. Watch Eurogamer's GDC After Dusk
    1. Gaming Made Me: Quake
    2. Cardboard Children: Mansions Of Madness
    3. The Sunday Papers
    4. ERRORZ! Compo: RPS Needs Your 503
    1. Bounty Stumper: Lego Star Wars III Trailer
    1. (N)Ornate: Guild Wars 2 GDC Video Blowout
    2. The Remarkable Notability Of Old Man Murray
    3. Attack Of The Movies: Battle: Los Angeles
    4. Call Of Juarez: The Cartel Trailer Is Here
    5. Forsaken World Launching Two Weeks Early
    6. Gamasutra's Indie GOTY Is Give Up Robot 2
    7. Interview: Will Cook On Rift's Launch
    8. Presi-Dented: Tropico 4 Delayed, Trailer
    9. Bungie MMO "Not WoW In Space"
    10. Victory! Old Man Murray Is Back On Wikipedia
    1. Another World Was Nearly Point 'n' Click
    2. On An Open Slay: Dead Island Details
    3. The IGF Awards: The Movie
    4. Friendly DRM: Valve Announces Steam Guard
    5. That's Gas: SpaceChem Available On Steam
    6. Indie Rock: 2011 IGF Winners Announced
    7. Epic Show "Mind-Blowing" Unreal Tech Demo
    8. California Scüba Alles: Depth GDC Trailer
    9. Canonical: Saints Row 3 Officially Official
    10. Arcania - Fall Of Setarrif Also Has A Video
    11. Red River Videos Show The Best Explosion
    1. Assassin's Creed Brotherhood's Not-DLC
    2. Old Man Murray Deleted From Wikipedia
    3. Wot I Think: Dawn of War II Retribution
    4. Dragon Age II DLC... Already? This Is Silly
    5. Mount & Blade: With Fire And Sword Videos
    6. Swor D'œuvres: Some More Hunted Footage
    7. The SideWinder Sleeps Tonight
    8. Megawar: Strategic Command WW1 Demo
    9. History Fixed As Civ V Balance Patch Arrives
    10. Mod News: Sequel Syndrome
    11. Testostacular! Battlefield 3 In-Game Footage
    12. Frostbiff: Battlefield 3 Revealed At GDC
    13. Minecraft Creators Reveal New Game: Scrolls
    14. Scroll Through This: First Scrolls Artwork
    1. A Steal: Indie Fund Invest In Monaco
    2. Meatspace Gaming: B.U.T.T.O.N.
    3. Repentance: Sins of a Solar Empire Returns
    4. Announcing Magicka: Vietnam
    5. Beefy: Super Meat Boy PC Outsells 360
    6. Operation Flashpoint: Red River Impressions
    7. Portal 2: Weighted Companion Cube Is Back!
    8. Hunted: The Demon's Forge Gets Map Creator
    9. PC IS STRONG: PC Games Revenue Up 19%
    10. Beat Down: Bit.Trip Runner Out
    11. Geralt Entity: Ten Minutes Of The Witcher 2
    12. Byte-Syze: The Crysis 2 Demo