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Battlefield 3: Shooting, Crawling, Worrying

DICE: getting very good at making people on the internet go "ooooh." Case in point, Battlefield 3 - of which we've seen very little, but everytime we do it hammers home a sure sense that this is far more than your average man-shoot. Here's another decent chunk of in-game skulking and firefighting, ably demonstrating both the splodeyfects and the rather impressive barks/ conversation system the game seems to employ.

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Feeling a strange niggling sensation I haven't felt in years. A niggling that says "you should probably upgrade your graphics card, boyo."

It's good to think that we're in for a game that clearly wants to go at least slightly head-to-head with Call of Duty, but isn't terribly interested in being the same game. With both last year's Medal of Honor and this week's Homefront getting their bottoms lightly bruised by critics (albeit only within the ludicrous consumer and publisher perception spectrum of 'anything less than 8/10 is terrible'), perhaps the age of direct competitors is over. Perhaps we can get back to real choice again, or at least something like it.

Oh, and here's part one, in case you missed it earlier this month. Features more dogs!

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Autumn, then. You get bonus DLC if you pre-order now. I hate that.

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