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Battlefield 3 And Plants Vs Zombies Free On Origin

Put them together to make PvZ: Garden Warfare

Battlefield: Hardline is mere weeks away from being shown off for the first time, and Battlefield 4 just got microtransactions. What's an already overwhelmed Battlefield neophyte to do? Why, dive into a different Battlefield altogether, of course. I mean, I guess that's rationale behind EA's decision to make BF3 100 percent free as part of Origin's On The House program, and - while things haven't exactly been sunshine and butterflies on the battle-est of fields lately - I won't look a gift tank in the turret. I feel like that would be a very, very poor idea under any circumstance, virtual or not.

Battlefield 3 will be free until June 3rd, as will Plants vs Zombies. The latter, however, is a tad less exciting given that it's appeared for various prices on every platform known to man (and plant and zombie) since the dawn of time. Still though, free game!

As has previously been the case with On The House, these games are legitimately free. You need only download Origin, and then they're yours to keep. Well, at least until Origin rises back up into the EA Mothership leaving only scorched earth and scarred bank accounts in its wake. I'm not saying Origin is doomed in the near-future, but when servers shut down, EA doesn't have the best track record of migrating games or reimbursing people for what they've lost.

For now, though, this is a pretty cool promotion, even if the games involved are a bit ancient. Do you plan on partaking? Also, are Battlefield 3's servers particularly populated anymore? I mean, I suppose they're probably decently well-off given BF4's prickly state, but you can never be too safe.

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