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A Thrilling Minute Of BF3: Armo(u)red Kill

I'm just going to pretend that this is a full trailer for Battlefield 3's Armo(u)red Kill, and not a video showing how you can buy into their crummy Premium service. So why don't you, me, and that guy over there all agree that the first 38 seconds of the trailer's 1.53 runtime is just white noise, or Joe Pasquale telling a joke - it doesn't exist. It a glitch in the Matrix. To make this work we'll just have to live the lie. Can you do that? For me? I don't ask for much.

I hate how DICE are very good at DLC and EA are very bad at selling it. Armo(u)red Kill makes sense as DLC, with DICE attempting to make themed conflicts as expansion, in this case vehicle battles across the biggest maps the Battlefield series has ever had. That's good DLC: trying to push the game in different directions, really doing what they can to see how ludicrous they can be with their game. Then EA use it to parp off Premium. I don't have a problem with people saving monmey by buying DLC in bulk, but Premium's two-week exclusivity over the level, as well as the Premium only XP boost weekends, is basically buying an advantage. Pay-to-win in all but name.

Anyway, with that out of the way, ooh explosions! The snow map looks purrty, and the night map will be glowing with the husks of burning dead tanks when I'm done with it.

Watch on YouTube

It's out in September.

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