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Flirting With Disaster: Section 8 Prejudice

I'm trying to work out exactly what I think about the video below showing the studios at Timegate, as they work on Section 8: Prejudice. It's certainly uncomfortable. But then it's trying to be. It's not exactly endearing toward women, but then it's not to men either, and they're obviously taking the piss. It's certainly a unique approach to the usually excruciatingly boring behind-the-scenes videos we see of development studios. But I'm not convinced it's the right one. It's an insecure woman pretending to care about the game so she can flirt with the developers. Er. Oh, whatever they were trying to do, it doesn't work.

In fact, I think it's insulting to everyone involved. Funnily enough it quickly just becomes the usual bored developer talking heads despite its efforts. If anything, the misfired attempt to spoof this ends up highlighting how dull it can be to hear a guy talking about his manshoots game.

Watch on YouTube

You can read Jim's hands-on preview of the game here, and perhaps some slightly more helpful footage here. It'll only cost $15 on launch, which comes with a five hour single player mode, a co-op mode, and the 32 player multiplayer that made the first game's name. This is only part one of a series of such videos. Oh good. Cheers to VG247.

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