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Not Army Men: Toy Soldiers

If there's one thing I'm forever hungry for, it's hi-gloss tower defence games. If there's one thing I seem to find surprisingly little of on PC, it's hi-gloss tower defence games. Toy Soldiers was an XBLA hit (selling 500,000 copies) last year, and apparently rightly so - it's a remix of the oft-repeated formula, with the very notable tweaks of direct unit control, megasplodes and a World War 1 setting. Howitzers, tanks, biplanes - these are yours to assume command of as you attempt to keep the dastardly Foreigns from your door. As is a joyously growing trend of late (see Cthulhu saves the world) it's now on its way to PC.

64 seconds that will (probably) make you want to play it are below.

Cover image for YouTube video

How about that World War 1, eh? Not enough of that in strategyland, alas. Especially ludicrously out-of-proportion WW1. Jolly good.

The above is, of course, Just A Trailer, so here's some singleplayer footage too. From the XBLA version I'm afraid, but the PC version is confirmed by devs Signal Studios for sometime this Spring/ Early Summer as of today. Tally ho!

Cover image for YouTube video

Meantime, the console toys are due a Cold War-set sequel later this year. We'd better be getting that on PC too, or I'll show 'em just how cold a war can be. (I.e. ineffectual blog-based passive-aggression).

More details soon, no doubt.

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