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Mount & Blade: With Fire And Sword Videos

Mount & Blade expandalone With Fire and Sword hits this summer, adding explosives, a new economic model and heightened political intrigue to the quasi-realistic indie action RPG. Below you'll find a couple of new trailers entitled Ambience and Action, and the RPS supercomputer informs me that they're both precisely as awesome as one another, right down to the molecular level. Remarkable!

Here's the ambience trailer, which does a passable job of making you forget that you're watching a game made by a Turkish team so small that the lot of them could plausibly fit in a phone box.

Next up is the action trailer, which has made me laugh more than anything else today. I heart Mount & Blade, and I think I'll heart the new firearms. That's something darkly deliberate about pointing this contrapation at a man, taking aim, pulling the trigger and watching him concertina to the floor in terrible pain. Or hitting a man who's reloading. Or just hitting a man. This game has it all!

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