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Megawar: Strategic Command WW1 Demo

If you know Rock, Paper, Shotgun, then you'll know about my love for strategy games. If I can't find a bit of time for playing a strategy game in day, I quite lose my mind. Whether it's a campaign in Men Of Battles, a quick squirmish in Company Of Men In Conflict, or some multiplayer co-op at lunchtime in Total Men: War Of Men At War, I have to get my fix. And today that's going to be the Strategic Command World War I: The Great War 1914-1918 Demo. Catchy name, crazy game.

Obviously I have no clue whatsoever. Do I look like Tim Stone? No, I don't, because I'm an overweight flump of a human, while he's a rugged woodsman who knows how to change the tyre on a tank. But by the power of my English comprehension, I am able to tell you that this terrifying-looking RTS demo has two campaigns inside it.

You've got the first three months of the 1914 Call To Arms main campaign, and a full "mini-campaign" set in 1918 Kaiserschlacht. There's no multiplayer here, and you can't save or purchase units, but you can at least play against the AI as either side. Fancy winning the war for the Germans - it's all yours.

You can get the demo at GamersHell, or pick it up from

I really wish I could post the 40MB map of the world the publishers have included on their press site, which features the entire planet (to steal GamesPress's joke) at almost 1:1 scale. But it would utterly destroy our already neurotic server. So here's one billionth of it:

And because I love you, have a trailer:

Watch on YouTube

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