August 2015 Archive

    1. Premature Evaluation: Universe Sandbox 2
    2. God Game Crest Wants To Make Monthly Content
    3. Master Spy Creeps Toward Steam On September 8
    4. Have You Played... Door Kickers
    5. Skipping Stones To Lonely Homes Is Smarter Than Us
    6. Here Is The Last Ever Prison Architect Alpha Update
    7. Mighty Switch Force! Academy Hits Early Access
    1. The Sunday Papers
    1. Guild Wars 2 Is Going Free
    2. Watch 40 Minutes Of Sword Coast Legends
    3. Mutant Football League Is Coming To PC
    4. What Are We All Playing This Weekend?
    5. Ark: Survival Evolved Free On Steam This Weekend
    1. A Psychogeography Of Games #3: Kerry Turner
    2. Impressions: Corpse Of Discovery
    3. XCOM 2 Release Pushed To February 2016
    4. The Design And Politics Of Deus Ex Mankind Divided
    5. Mount & Blade: Warband Is Free On Steam This Weekend
    6. Death To Game Music
    7. Station To Station: Train Valley Steams Ahead
    8. Have You Played... Fantasy General?
    9. Wot I Think: Satellite Reign
    10. The Flare Path: More From The Web
    11. Ark Survival Evolved's First Expansion Will Be Ready "A Few Months After" Its June 2016 Release
    12. Big Pharma Rolls Off Production Line, Is Out Now
    13. Get Your Head Around Double Fine's New Metroidvania
    14. You May Not Be Able To Get Valve's Vive Until Next Year
    15. Unsolicited: Play Papers, Please Creator's Nightmarish Junk Mail Game
    1. 3D Card Update: AMD Fury, How Much Graphics Memory Is Enough, Nvidia's New Budget Graphics
    2. Wot I Think: Pillars Of Eternity - The White March Part 1
    3. Far Cry 2's Clint Hocking Rejoins Ubisoft
    4. Assassin's Creed Movie Costume, Setting & Character Name Revealed
    5. Ride A Surreal Metro In Subway Adventure
    6. Total War: Warhammer Debuts Its Dwarfs
    7. Endless Sky Is Free, Inspired By Escape Velocity
    8. Where 'Splosions Come From: Just Cause 3 Dev Vid
    9. Transformers: Devastation Still Looks Spectactular
    10. Why Metal Gear Solid Matters
    11. RPS Asks: Which Bits Of Games Would Gross You Out To Work On?
    12. An Easy Fix For Windows 10 Privacymageddon
    13. Purretty: Shelter 2 DLC Ventures Into The Mountains
    14. Better Late Than Never: Dying Light Demo Released
    1. Dote Night: How To Fix Tutorials (Sort Of)
    2. Adam & Eve It: Assassin's Creed Syndicate PC Date
    3. Bounty Train Is Steam-Powered FTL And I've Been Rogueing On Its Railroad
    4. Warm Up The Cerebral Bore: Turok 1&2 Being Revamped
    5. LawBreakers, Cliff Bleszinski's New FPS Revealed
    6. Sun Dogs: A Transhumanist Open World Text Adventure
    7. Shovel Knight's Free Expansion "Coming Soon"
    8. Lovely Weather We're Having Checks Your Skies
    9. YouTube Gaming Streaming Platform Launches Today
    10. Have You Played... Counter-Strike?
    11. Bethesda Arrive On GOG With TES, Fallout, And Doom
    12. Divinity Original Sin 2's Competitive Roleplaying And Diverging Narratives Are Boldly Inventive
    13. Fantastic Contraption Coming To The Vive VR Headset
    14. What You Need To Know About The EU LCS Summer Split To Get Through A Conversation About It
    15. Giveaway: Might & Magic: Heroes 7 Closed Beta
    16. Ark: Survival Evolved Offers Sonic's Loving Embrace
    17. Funcom Announce The Secret World Spin-off The Park
    18. Hyper Light Drifter New Trailer And Spring 2016 Release
    19. Diablo 3 Patch 2.3.0 Arrives With New Magical Cube
    20. Red Amazon Is A Free Four-Minute Thriller
    21. Lego Worlds Adds Underwater Exploration
    1. Cardboard Children - Witness
    2. Do Corpses Make Darkest Dungeon Too Difficult?
    3. Trine 3 Devs On Short Length & Cliffhanger Complaints: "There Is Nothing Left On The Table"
    4. Weird Weird West: New Hard West Gameplay Video
    5. Forest of Sleep Looks Like No Other Game
    6. Little Bang: Universe Sandbox 2 On Steam Early Access
    7. Have You Played... Crysis
    8. Striding Forth - Pillars Of Eternity: The White March Out
    9. Memories & Murderbots: Metal Gear Solid V Final Trailer
    10. Where The Hell Was I?
    11. Barkley 2's Live Action Trailer Promises Return Of B-Ball
    12. Greed Is Good: Isaac Afterbirth's New Mode Revealed
    13. Adorable Yeti Game Lets You Be The SkiFree Monster
    14. Let's Rock: Mega Man Legacy Collection Released
    15. Neocolonialism And Love: Starbound's Latest Update
    16. Woodland Therapy (Friendship Is Tragic)
    17. Oregon Trails And Fury Roads: Skyshine's Bedlam Launches Next Month
    1. Premature Evaluation: Duskers
    2. Fish For Spooky Booty In Trawl
    3. Grandia II Revamped & Rereleased In Anniversary Edition
    4. Spin It To Win It: Messhof Release Flywrench
    5. ARK: Survival Evolved – Let’s Play, Part 4
    6. Hearthstone's Grand Tournament Expansion Now Live
    7. Watch Rise Of The Tomb Raider's No-Kill Video
    8. Darkest Dungeon Make Corpses Optional After Feedback
    9. Have You Played... DayZ
    10. The RPG Scrollbars: Night Never Falls On Discworld*
    11. Major League: Super Mega Baseball - Extra Innings
    12. Major News: Dota 2's New Pro Order
    13. Brute Is N++ In A Spaceship
    14. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom PC Review Code And News Of Microtransactions
    15. Cliff Bleszinski New Game Being Revealed This Week
    16. Batman: Arkham Knight Performance Patch Looking Late
    17. Everspace: Galaxy On Fire Creators Tackle Space Porn
    18. Space Cadets: RymdResa's Poetry Space Sim Hits Steam
    1. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Has New Game Plus Mode
    2. The Sunday Papers
    3. This GTA 5 Plugin Makes Things Easier For Filmmakers
    4. Mass Effect's Jennifer Hale Goes Indie In Masquerada
    1. Reboot: Otherlands MMO Finally Drawing Near
    2. Diablo Too'd: Heroes Of The Storm Gets A New Champ
    3. Ahoy: Risen 3 Gets A Free Graphics Boost
    4. What Are We All Playing This Weekend?
    1. ARK: Survival Evolved – Let’s Play, Part 3
    2. A Steal: Payday 2 Free To Play All Weekend
    3. Rocket League: Watch Finale Of MLG's First Tourney
    4. The Witcher 3's 16 Pieces Of Free DLC: What They Are, Where To Get 'Em And Are They Any Good?
    5. Come Play Terraria With Us Again!
    6. NVIDIA Cards To Get PS4-Style Remote Game-Sharing
    7. SpeedRunners Is A Great Example Of Early Access Development Benefitting A Game And Its Players
    8. Half-Line Miami: A Top-Down Arcadey Approach To Half-Life 2
    9. Have You Played... Crimson Skies?
    10. Alpha & Benchmark Tool For Stardock's SupCom-like RTS Ashes Of The Singularity
    11. The Flare Path: A Roundhead Reflects
    12. Rick And Morty Warp Into Dota 2 With Announcer Pack
    13. Riot Release League-Themed Blitzcrank's Poro Roundup
    14. Steamfont Prison Experiment: EverQuest II Prison Server
    15. Left 4 Dead Invades Zombie Army Trilogy
    1. ARK: Survival Evolved – Let’s Play, Part 2
    2. Trine 3 Charges, Swings, Levitates Out Of Early Access
    3. Trackmania 2's Press Forward Maps Are Amazing
    4. Bombs Away: An Enormous Game Of Minesweeper
    5. Cities: Skylines After Dark Expansion Due Sept 24th
    6. Wot I Think (And Wot I Murdered): Viridi
    7. Remembered: GOG Dig Up D&D Forgotten Realms RPGs
    8. Have You Played... Toonstruck
    9. No Metal Gear Solid V Preloads, But Access A Little Early
    10. Little Bit Battlezone: Warshift Hits Steam Early Access
    11. No More Click-Click-Click: Minecraft's Combat Changes
    12. Shmup-o-Platformer Velocity 2X Comes To PC
    13. Just Cause 3's Challenge Mode Looks Boringly Fun
    14. Guess Who With The Electric Chair: Fingered Released
    15. Wot I Think - Shadowrun: Hong Kong
    1. Dote Night: The Wisdom Of Guided Bots
    2. ME3-ish Combat But No Old Friends In Next Mass Effect
    3. Get A Free Premium Account And 10,000 In-Game Cash For The Stalker-Inspired Online Shooter Survarium
    4. Superhot Is The FPS Made Cool Again
    5. Zoomsmash! FlatOut 4: Total Insanity Coming In 2016
    6. A List Of Expensive Technological Items I Continually Crave, And Why I Should Not Have Them
    7. School's Out: Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Released
    8. Have You Played... Beyond Good & Evil?
    9. 3D Realms & Gearbox End Duke Nukem Legal Battle
    10. Lovers In A Dangerous Spacetime Releasing Sep 9th
    11. Plant Tycoon: A Not-Late-To-The-Party Encounter
    12. Small Town Blues: Kathy Rain
    13. Team Fortress 2 Gets New Ball Sport PASS Time Mode
    14. Proteus Creator's New Game Explores Russian Fairytales
    1. Cardboard Children - Specter Ops
    2. Clint Hocking Has Left Amazon Game Studios
    3. London Calling: Ubi's Survival Horror FPS Zombi Out
    4. Stand By: Rainbow Six Siege Delayed To December
    5. Wot I Think: Planetary Annihilation – Titans
    6. Bouncing Bloodlasers In Binding Of Isaac Expansion
    7. Englishness
    8. Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag - A Succinct Playthrough
    9. Have You Played... Major Stryker?
    10. Path Of Exile Teases New Pets, Tortoise OP Speed Demon
    11. American Psychological Association Continues Bad Science Relating To Video Game Violence
    12. Satellite Reign's Trailer Re-Signals August 28th Release
    13. Tales From The Borderlands Episode 4 Out Today
    14. Resident Evil 2 Fan Remake Stopped By Capcom Request
    15. 4X Argy-Bargy: Run A Thieves Guild In Antihero
    16. Wot I Think: Volume
    1. Premature Evaluation: Crest
    2. Going Hollow: Twitch Plays Dark Souls
    3. Minecraft's Brutalist Build Yields Beauty
    4. Windows 10 Won't Run Games Using SafeDisc Or Securom DRM
    5. Walking, Driving, Flying, Seeing, Looking, Watching: Tourist Simulators
    6. Forget Pixels, Here Are Some Good Films About Games
    7. Viddy Well: Mad Max Gameplay Galore
    8. Witchier: The Witcher 3's New Game Plus Mode Now Out
    9. Microsoft Can Disable Pirated First-Party Games
    10. Have You Played... Darksiders II
    11. Seven: A Thief-Inspired RPG From Former Witcher Folks
    12. The RPG Scrollbars: The Long Night Of Vampire: The Masquerade: Bloodlines (With Clan Quests)
    13. Lubed: Rust Tackles Its Creaky Gunplay
    14. Feline Anti-Sun Science In The Cat Machine
    15. Monaco Devs Reveal Arcade RTS Tooth And Tail
    16. The Complex Combat Of Kingdom Come: Deliverance
    1. The Zenimax And Oculus VR Lawsuit Is Moving Ahead
    2. Resident Evil 2 Remake Is In The Works At Capcom
    3. Aer Is Journey In The Sky And Beautiful To Look At
    4. Ennuigi: Bringing Existential Angst To Super Mario
    5. The Sunday Papers
    1. Conflicks Revolutionary Space Battles Is An RTS About Chickens
    2. Terrarinaut: Edge of Space Hits September 17th
    3. Evolve Update Adds New Hunter And New Maps
    4. What Are We All Playing This Weekend?
    5. Salad Fingers Gets A Point And Click Adventure
    1. How Counter-Strike: Global Offensive's Economy Works
    2. ESL Announces List Of Banned Substances
    3. DevLog Watch: The Best GIFs Of In-Progress Games
    4. Are Platform Exclusives THE VERY DEVIL Or Kinda OK?
    5. Why Loads Of People Are Playing Trove (& Why I'm Not)
    6. Watch Hearthstone Stream Reveal New Cards In 1 Hour
    7. ARK: Survival Evolved Launches $25k Modding Contest
    8. Have You Played... Mark Of The Ninja?
    9. The Witcher 3 Mod Tools Released
    10. Fingered: Binding Of Isaac Dev's Tiny Whodunnit
    11. The Flare Path: A Flood Of Foxers
    12. Express Train To Hell: Spelunky Speedrun World Record
    13. Hacknet Released, Is A Game About Being A Hacker
    14. Over An Hour Of Civilization: Beyond Earth - Rising Tide
    15. Latest Terraria Update Brings Mac And Linux Support
    1. Is Intel's Skylake Finally A New CPU To Get Excited About?
    2. The Flock Will Welcome You On August 21st
    3. Super Useful Skyrim Script Extender Now On Steam
    4. Skyshine's Bedlam Blends FTL, Mad Max, 2000 AD, Chess And XCOM
    5. Watch GTA Online's Troll Clone Nightmare
    6. ARK's Survival Of The Fittest Makes Crafting Tense
    7. Blizzard Are Considering An RTS Return For Warcraft
    8. Have You Played... Kingdoms Of Amalur: Reckoning
    9. Dying Light - The Following Adds An Enormous New Map And Customisable Vehicles
    10. Riot Might Reconsider League of Legends Sandbox Mode
    11. H1Z1 Invitational Set For TwitchCon, You Can Join In
    12. Rocket League 1.04 Adds Arena And Spectator Mode
    13. Let's All Try To Work Out What Dollhouse Is
    14. The Town Of Light Trailer Introduces Renee
    1. Dote Night: The Fallout From The International 2015
    2. Making Senses: Beyond Eyes Launches On PC
    3. Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord Aims To Be Friendlier
    4. Mafia 3's Move To Sixties New Orleans Is Risky But Potentially Rewarding
    5. Stasis Comes Out Of Stasis On August 31st
    6. Block'hood Is Lovely Hyper-Minimalist Citybuilding
    7. Do A Bodacious Grind In OlliOlli2, Out Today
    8. Have You Played... Shovel Knight?
    9. Look! We're Even More Shiny! New Logo And Everything!
    10. Divinity: Original Sin II Heading To Kickstarter This Month
    11. Heroes Of The Storm Update Brings Early Access To New Skins And Heroes
    12. Brigador Robo-Stomps Onto Early Access October 20th
    13. The Final Battle Of Britain: Hearts Of Iron IV Set For 2016
    14. Electronic Drum & Bass Powerslides In Absolute Drift
    15. Roguelookalike: ASCII-y FPS Illuminascii Released
    1. Cardboard Children - Gen Con News
    2. Duff Up And Derobe Otaku Vampires In Akiba's Trip Demo
    3. ARK: Survival Evolved Teases Terror Of The Deep
    4. Planetoid Pioneers Is Spore Meets Garry's Mod In 2D
    5. All That Glitters: Thief HD Texture Mod Updated
    6. Wot I Think - Spider: Rite Of The Shrouded Moon
    7. Call Of Duty: Megacorps And Tricked-Out Rebel Scum
    8. Have You Played... Urban Chaos?
    9. Dark Souls 3's New Combat Is Faster And More Fearsome
    10. Mad Max Might Live Up To Fury Road
    11. Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3's Bans And Protects
    12. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Is The Star Wars Original Trilogy Of Game Ceilings
    13. Pillars Of Eternity's White March Improves As Well As Expanding
    14. Kick! Punch! Rising Thunder's Technical Alpha Open To All
    15. Sealab 2015: Subnautica's Habitat Update
    1. Premature Evaluation: Dead Realm
    2. Join The Family: Mafia Mod Adds Multiplayer
    3. Mirror's Edge Catalyst's Gamescom Demo Was A Relief
    4. Rocket League's Best Replays, Videos And GIFs
    5. Falling Down: Rise Of The Tomb Raider
    6. Early Alpha Impressions: Empyrion - Galactic Survival
    7. Have You Played... Far Cry 2?
    8. Improvisation, Experimentation And Dark Comedy: Hitman Is Coming Home
    9. The RPG Scrollbars: A Weapon Of Legend
    10. Hide & Seek & Murder: Badblood's Local Multiplayer Action
    11. Heavy Gear Assault Stomps Into Early Access
    12. O Misery! Lisa: The Joyful Expansion Coming This Month
    13. Cutey Crawly - Spider: Rite of the Shrouded Moon Is Out
    1. Story Time: Nero Makes The Move to PC Next Year
    2. My Addiction To AdVenture Capitalist: An Update
    3. The Sunday Papers
    4. The International 2015's $6.6 Million Prize Goes To...
    1. Shunted: Sword Coast Legends Gets Delayed
    2. The International Daily Diary, Part 5: Whale Friends
    3. Hylics Is Basically Videodrome: The Game
    4. Come Play Terraria With Us This Weekend!
    5. When Previews Attack: Revisiting My First Impressions Of The Witcher 3
    6. Now You See Her... Assassin's Creed Syndicate Evie Video
    7. What Are We All Playing This Weekend?
    1. A Psychogeography Of Games #2: Holly Gramazio
    2. The International Daily Diary, Part 4: Cake And Chaos
    3. American Truck Simulator Trailer Hits Route 101
    4. Overwatch Is A Very Blizzardy First-Person Shooter
    5. Rocket League Adding Weirder Fields, Talking About Mods
    6. Unconventional Conventionalists: The Joy Of Gamescom
    7. Never Pre-Order: Anno 2205 Pre-order Bonus Beta Canned
    8. Have You Played... Murder Dog IV: Trial of the Murder Dog?
    9. XCOM 2: Base Mode & The Return Of The Avenger
    10. The Flare Path: Now Even Harrier
    11. Who Are You? Glitchhikers Devs Open Book Of The Dead
    12. Killed By Death: Victor Vran Meets Motörhead
    13. Peek At Kingdom's Minimalist Settlement-Building Strategy
    14. Get Lorey: Might & Magic Heroes VII Out September 29th
    1. The International Daily Diary, Part 3 - Valve Interview
    2. Paradox's Space Strategy Game Stellaris Has Won Gamescom
    3. Crime, Clubs And Beach Bars: Cities Skylines - After Dark
    4. Taxiing: Project Cars Devs Making Red Bull Air Race Game
    5. Watch Paradox's Gamescom Conference Right Here
    6. Satellite Rush Demo Is For The '80s TV Generation
    7. Legion Is The New WoW Expansion: New Class & Continent, 110 Level Cap
    8. Flocked Off: Gathering Sky Hits PC Next Week
    9. The Trouble With Being Yarn: Unravel Gameplay Trailer
    10. Have You Played... Passage?
    11. Oceans Recede - EA To Release UK Games On Thursday
    12. Savage Lands: Skyrim Meets Minecraft, Dragons'n'All
    13. Blammo: Gearbox's MOBA-y FPS Battleborn Due February
    14. Dragon Age: Inquisition's New Story DLC - The Descent
    15. Hope Springs: Pillars Of Eternity Expansion Out This Month
    16. See Snake's Cool Clubhouse In MGS V: The Phantom Pain
    1. Impressions: StarCraft II - Whispers Of Oblivion
    2. Follow The Flagduke To New Mount & Blade II Videos
    3. The International Daily Diary: Part 2
    4. Impressions: Satirical School Sim No Pineapple Left Behind
    5. Homefront: The Revolution Looks A Far Cry From The First
    6. Your Banned List Of Gaming Words
    7. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Has A Real Nice Tree Sculpture
    8. Have You Played... Prince Of Persia: The Sands of Time?
    9. Cosa Norleanstra: Mafia III Announced
    10. Wot I Think: Baby Games
    11. Wot I Think: Submerged
    12. Expanding: The Sims 4's Get Together Announced
    13. Pew Pew: Star Wars Battlefront's Fighter Squadron Mode
    14. Run, Faith, Run: Mirror's Edge Catalyst Gameplay Trailer
    15. Soup's Up: Nom Nom Galaxy Released
    16. Watch EA's Live Gamescom Conference Here
    1. Cardboard Children - Giallo
    2. Blasted: Star Wars Battlefront Dogfighting Mode Teased
    3. Pip's Daily Diary From The International: Part 1
    4. Wot I Think: King Of Dragon Pass
    5. Halo Wars 2 Coming From The Creative Assembly
    6. Vive! Homefront: The Revolution Reappears With Trailer
    7. Here's Your First Look At Dark Souls 3 Gameplay
    8. Watch Resident Evil 4's Fan-Made HD Edition In Action
    9. Have You Played... Quake IV?
    10. Paladins: A F2P FPS From Smite Devs Hi-Rez
    11. Neuromancer's William Gibson On MEG 9: Lost Echoes
    12. Blueprints: LEGO Worlds' Future Plans
    13. Millions Clash In We Are Legion's Enormous Battles
    14. Smoking: New Superhot Gameplay Trailer
    1. Premature Evaluation: Zombie Playground
    2. Kasketball Is Basketball With Cars, Obvs
    3. MGS V: The Phantom Pain Release Creeps Forward
    4. The RPS Verdict: Rocket League
    5. Dota 2's The International Starts With $18 Million In Prizes
    6. RPS Community Update: What You Did in Arma 3, Europa Universalis, Guild Wars 2 and Terraria
    7. Have You Played... Receiver?
    8. Game Of The Month: August - Rocket League
    9. Build 'Em Up, Burn 'Em Down: Constructor HD Announced
    10. The RPG Scrollbars: A Visit To Old Albion
    11. No, League Of Legends' Gangplank Ain't Dead
    12. Warframe Expansion Adds Parkour And Undersea Action
    13. Don't Starve: Shipwrecked Expansion Announced
    14. Act Of Aggression Gives The Cold War Another Go
    1. Empyrion - Galactic Survival Hits Early Access Next Week
    2. So Far, So Good - Airscape: The Fall Of Gravity
    3. British Invasion: War Thunder Adding Tanks From Blighty
    4. The Banner Saga Goes The Way Of The Board Game
    5. Silent Hills' P.T. Hallway Hits PC In Fan Recreation
    6. The Sunday Papers
    1. The Witcher Is Getting A Pen & Paper RPG Spin-Off
    2. Crawl Gets Diddy Dune Worms
    3. Swedish Horror Story: Fran Bow Launches August 27th
    4. Character Breakdown: Just Cause 3 Introduces New Rico
    5. What Are We All Playing This Weekend?