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Weird Weird West: New Hard West Gameplay Video

Wicky wicky wa

"Think X-Com combat with Heroes of Might and Magic world map," is the pitch that saw Hard West [official site] successfully crowdfunded in 2014, and it sounds just as great one year later - and looks it too.

With the turn-based tactical action game slated for release this autumn, developers Creative Forge Games have put together an eleven-minute commentated gameplay trailer showing a bank robbery. Given that Hard West is set not in the plain old Wild West but the supernatural Weird West, the robbery has a few complications. Watch:

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Not bad that, is it? I especially like the ability to ricochet shots into enemies behind cover. For folks who can't watch that right now, I'll recap a little.

The mission, which I'd speculate is from relatively early on, sees a small squad out to rob a bank. Enemies aren't hostile at first, though they might pull a gun if you act suspiciously. Holding someone at gunpoint so you can free a chap named Childeater seems a hostile first step. Having scouted the area and got everyone into position, they go hot. It looks like fairly standard XCOM-y action, with cover, range reductions, and special attacks like ricochets and fanning a spray of bullets. It's pretty neat. A few bits of the environment can be used to create cover too, like opening storm doors.

And then the demons warp in, turning the sleepy town a touch nightmarish.

It's all tied up in a story of damnation and redemption in a Weird West of gunslingers, demons, and half-dead men. Supposedly there are difficult decisions and consequences and whatnot. I do like a nice bit of Weird West - I still wish I'd played Deadlands and especially its collectible card game when I had friends who were into it.

Hard West is due on Windows this autumn.

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