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XCOWBZ: Hard West Riding Out On November 18th

Yeehaw Unknown

Hard West [official site] looks interesting, taking XCOM-ish turn-based tacticalising into the supernatural Weird West. I dig XCOM and I dig the Weird West so yes, thank you. It had been lined up to begin rootin' and tootin' next Wednesday, but developers CreativeForge Games have decided to push it back a fortnight. They could've launched next week, they say, but think a little extra polish will do their cowboys and demons a world of good. To help pass the extra time, a new eight-minute gameplay trailer is out:

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CreativeForge explain the delay:

"The thing is, since we announced the release date, we found some points where the game experience could really be improved. A lot of that insight came from your feedback and from streamers and media posting their gameplay videos. We could easily patch all of the little improvements that we're making in post-launch, but in the end we've decided to push the launch back a little bit and release Hard West in the best shape possible; with all the little things included.

"The problem is, that in this crazy time of huge releases, we need to look for a good window to launch the game in order to avoid the marketing steamroller with which no mortals can compete. Thus, we're pushing the launch of Hard West to November 18th. We hope that just as you supported us along the way, you'll agree with our decision and trust in us to deliver from day 1."

That'll probably be Fallout 4 they're talking about there, which is due on November 10th - as is StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void. Best not to call either of those out for a showdown at high noon.

Hard West will cost £14.99 when it arrives on November 18th for, at least, Windows. Mac and Linux versions may launch on the same day, or might follow shortly after.

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