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The Banner Saga Goes The Way Of The Board Game

Hold that banner high

The Banner Saga [official site], which we once described as "the sort of game that is so thick with lore and small touches that a chap can spend fifteen hours with it and forget entire swathes," suggesting this long preamble may in fact be necessary for your ancient brain of limited memory capacity, is getting a board game spin-off.

Which is an interesting move, and maybe says more about the status of board games right now than anything else: All of this tabletop stuff, a medium that game companies and media alike have lumped under the umbrella of For Hipsters Only, is totally viable. Especially when you look at tabletop games like Conan, which raked in over $3 million on Kickstarter earlier this year.

The Banner Saga: Warbands [official site] is the work of miniatures board game makers MegaCon Games, with creator Stoic and publisher Versus Evil in tow. MegaCon are an Indiana-based indie team who've been toiling away in the world of board game design for a few years now, possibly best known to you as the makers of a space exploration board game called Emergence Event. How exactly Warbands will work isn't clear just yet, beyond the fact that it's set in the Banner Saga universe. An upcoming Kickstarter campaign will help fund it along.

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