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The Banner Saga 3 now fluttering on Kickstarter

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The tale of the little flag that could will continue in The Banner Saga 3 [official site], if a Kickstarter goes well. Yup, developers Stoic have turned back to crowdfunding to conclude their strategy RPG series. We waved the safety flag for the first Banner Saga, digging its look and style but not so much the combat, then waved the chequered flag for its follow-up, which improved the combat enough for us to declare it one of our favourite strategy games. For the third, hopefully we'll end up waving our dotty bloomers on a stick?

Stoic are looking for at least $200,000 (about £168k-ish) on Kickstarter to help fund development. Rewards for coughing up cash into their hands include copies of the finished game, t-shirts, and the other usual stuff.

What's going on in 3, anyway? Stoic explain:

"Banner Saga 3 concludes the tale. Steel your nerves, step forth into the approaching abyss. Cross the threshold from daylight without end into untold darkness. Warped lands within threaten your sanity, and a writhing wyrm tests your mettle. But here, in the darkness, is where secrets are brought to light and motives are made clear. Are your friends who they claim to be? They all look to you. What story will your banner tell?"

Here's the pitch video:

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