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Vive! Homefront: The Revolution Reappears With Trailer

It lives... again

Face-shooting Red Dawn fanfic Homefront: The Revolution [official site] has had a funny old time. After shutting down Homefront creator Kaos Studios, publishers THQ turned to their Montreal studio for the sequel, then looked to Crytek UK as THQ fell apart. Crytek bought the game and rights in the THQ fire sale and revealed the game at E3 2014. Less than two months later, suffering their own financial problems, Crytek sold Homefront to Deep Silver and shifted the dev team over. Strange times.

Now Homefront: The Revolution has resurfaced at Gamescom, with a new cinematic trailer showing how happy everyone in Philadelphia is living under Korean rule:

Cover image for YouTube video

I don't want to be the first one to call a scared, coerced child a "traitor" but isn't this dreadful child a damned traitor? Honestly, the youth of today! I imagine this oik is somehow important and we'll find out all about him, though; perhaps we play his dad. Tch, kids.

In contrast to its linear predecessor, Homefront: The Revolution is a sandbox open-world game about taking Philadelphia back from its occupiers piece by piece. Do check out what we made of what we played last year. Perhaps one of our roving Gamescom reporters (Adam's rocking an Anneka Rice-esque boiler suit, while Graham's glam look draws inspiration from Denise Van Outen) will have a play of what it is now.

The game's due in launch in spring 2016.

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