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Here Is The Last Ever Prison Architect Alpha Update

The seemingly endless expanse of alpha updates that make up our coverage of Prison Architect [official site] - we're up to Update 36 now, friends! - is coming to an end. It's true, these collective hands of rock and paper will no longer know the gentle touch of Introversion Software's regular patches. As we draw closer to its eventual October launch, the final Alpha update reads as follows:

With this patch comes a new random event system, an optional system that increases the unpredictability of disasters. You get power station and kitchen fires, workshop accidents that require medical attention, collapsing fences that can lead to mass escapes, contagious viruses, mass assassinations and prisoner demands. Along with a truly stupid amount of bug fixes that you can read about in detail by clicking here.

Remember the time when Spy Party's Chris Hecker bemoaned how “every damned update Prison Architect does” gets a post on RPS because someone who works there just happens to like the game. Aah, it truly is the end of an era.

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