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Prison Architect's next DLC adds robot guard dogs

And glass walls

Prison Architect continues to expand. Just a short while since the arrival of the undead comes the "Future Tech Pack". It adds a set of new technology with which to surveil and track your inmates, as well as robot dogs. You'll find a trailer below.

Cover image for YouTube videoPrison Architect: Future Tech Pack - Reveal Trailer

The chief new features are building items to scatter around your prison. Those include Advanced Searchlights, which track inmates up to no good with a CCTV camera, cone of light and a siren, plus new floors, futuristic doors and keycards. Keycards apparently replace the need for keys within your prison - although presumably keycards can be stolen just as easily as guard's keys can.

You can also build your prison using glass walls, making it easier to monitor inmates, and can require all your prisoners to wear a Tracking Belt. There's also an Electric Fence and, finally, two new robotic guard dogs called Subwoofer and Byte.

As a set of mechanical tweaks to Prison Architect's formula, this doesn't sound too dramatic. It feels more like a theming change, letting you switch out guards' uniforms for more futuristic versions of same.

In fairness, it's not exactly priced like a full expansion. You'll be able to buy the Future Tech Pack from Steam on November 22nd for just £2.09/$3/€3.

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