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Prison Architect teases 3D sequel as it receives its final update

"Sunset" update is out now

Prison Architect has received "the Sunset Update", which developers Double Eleven say is "focused on improving the player experience as much as possible." That's because it's their last update to the prison simulator originally created by Introversion Software. The update was also released alongside a trailer thanking fans for supporting the game, which also seemingly teases a 3D sequel.

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"While we’re closing this chapter, the book is certainly not yet finished," says the patch notes for the update. In the trailer's final scene, one of a crowd of 2D inmates pops into 3D, causing everyone around him to gasp. I assume that's a sequel tease and not just a very badly timed reference to Prison Architect's shonky, hidden 3D mode.

The Sunset update has some quality-of-life updates to remote doors, capictors, riot vans and more, as well as dozens of bug fixes.

Prison Architect was announced by Introversion 11 years ago, and was originally sold as an alpha release via its own website. It was an instant success, all but saving Introversion from near-certain bankruptcy. It was then part of the first batch of games added to Steam's brand new Early Access system. (I also put it on the cover of PC Gamer, which I'm still v. pleased with.)

After hitting 1.0 and polishing the game some more, Introversion sold Prison Architect to grand strategy publishers Paradox Interactive in 2019. Double Eleven then took over the reigns of development, following Paradox's typical model of releasing regular DLC for the base game alongside free updates. These received a mixed response from players.

Introversion Software recently launched a new game into alpha via early access, The Last Starship.

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