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The Trouble With Being Yarn: Unravel Gameplay Trailer

It's a string thing

Swedish Yarn golem Yarny (surname: Not Sackboy) is the kind of protagonist I can get behind. The sort of sugar-sweet hero that could make even this heart of ice and rock soften and beat once more. You first caught a glimpse of him a couple months back during E3 when developer ColdWood Interactive first announced it was working on a quaint little puzzle-platformer named Unravel [official site].

If you watch the new gameplay trailer the team just released - showing the area demoed yesterday as part of EA's big presentation - you get an idea of the various things that can befall our hero. Soggy yarn, a lack of string. Yarny will pick up more yarn as he goes - some found up on platforms that require some real brain work to get to. A single thread of yarn pulls ever loose with every step you take, meaning you need to counter that by finding more yarn thread to link to what you already have. The aim at it's simplest level is, like the title, to keep from unraveling.

Which brings up some interesting philosophical questions. For instance, If Yarny is entirely replaced, piece by piece, with new yarn, is he still Yarny? What would happen with Yarny's original yarn was gathered up and used to build a second Yarny. Would this be considered a new Yarny or the original Yarny? And the deepest question of all, what is yarn made of?

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