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Unravel Hammers Away At Every Emotional Button Going

Spinning a tale

I fear this hyper-earnest behind the scenes vid might somewhat unravel the charm and emotive clout of Unravel [official site] by being so very on the nose about love and bonds and big hearts. This may, of course, be because I am a sneering critic within whose eyes lurks only icy deadness. I hope the game itself resists such overt emotional signposting.

I really do want to play Unravel though - its pseudo-stop-motion aesthetic is ridiculously pretty, the yarn-based psychics puzzling has a 'why hasn't someone done this before?' ingenuity to it, and its Swedish origins show just enough that it has a welcome touch of otherness to it to these Britcit eyes. Cuteness that might have become cloying in other hands has an appealing undertone of bleakness to it.

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Oddly, EA are publishing this one, clearly chancing their arm on something different to their guns'n'sports'n'mobile norm for the first time in a while. That's not to say there isn't enormous mainstream appeal in Yarny, though - you don't have to look far to find ties to the likes of Little Big Planet, Grow Home and Tearaway.

Here's a bonus vid about the environments, which I think I dig more than I do Yarny himself:

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It's just over a month away - on Feb 9 we'll find out whether it's found the right side of the cheesy/charismatic line, and whether its theory of string-based puzzles can support a whole game.

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