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Unravel Swinging Into February

Tear-jerking puzzle-platforming

You may be starting to think about a New Year's resolution, so here's one idea for you: get buff tear ducts. I'm talking super-swole, mega-ripped tear ducts able to clamp down to a molecular level, so tight water particles can't squeeze through. For while Unravel [official site] might look like just a cutesy puzzle-platformer, with its wee red yarn man swinging around on himself, there'll be tears. Oh, there'll be tears, I feel it in my salt. The kicker: you've only got two months to get those ducts jacked, as EA have announced Unravel will launch on February 9th, 2016.

Unravel is the tale of a string doll touring Scandinavia through the memories of a family, see. He goes running, jumping, climbing, grapplinghooking, and physicspuzzle-solving through the countryside to find his way home, and the way he's unreeling yarn from himself... what if he's just two inches of string left by the end? He will be, won't he? But the family will fix him, won't they? And they'll all live happily ever after?

Not that I care. I started training by poking watch springs down my tear ducts back when Unravel was announced at E3, squeezing on them while working, and by now they can actually bend paperclips. The day before Unravel comes out, I've got the Guinness World Record folks coming round to watch me pull an articulated lorry thirty metres by my tear ducts. Should be easy.

Made by Swedish crew Coldwood Interactive, Unravel will cost £14.99 through Origin. Look at this cutie:

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